These lines below describe a perfect proposal.

A warm touch,
A love song,
A passionate kiss
Scintillating Sapphire ring
Never fails to woo her best!

If you are looking forward to proposing, look no further than a sapphire ring. Birthstone of September, sapphire comes in a colored spectrum. Amongst them is an all-time favorite, cornflower blue! Additionally, gemstone enthusiasts love and admire sapphires in other colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, rare mix of pink and orange (known as padparadscha), but not red, which is famously known as Ruby. Yes, although opposite in colors, sapphires and rubies come from Corundum mineral family.

Considered guardians of innocence, sapphires symbolize truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, and theorized to bring peace, joy, and wisdom to their owners. It is because of their irresistible beauty, mystical powers, and healing properties that our beloved Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz, and Nicole Richie wear sapphire in their special engagement ring. Not limited to these Hollywood ladies, but British Royal women like honored Lady Diana and Kate Middleton have expressed their ‘sapphire love’ in their engagement rings.

Acknowledging this increased popularity and demand for sapphire rings,, leading e-Tailer, have brought forth some of the most innovative sapphire rings. Let’s check out our

Top Ten Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Rings:

1. Tapered Shank Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring With Diamond Accents

A signature solitaire ring celebrity style, our contemporary solitaire is perfect to complement any look. It features a vibrant round blue sapphire expertly set in a designer eight-prong setting. A fluted side mounting with embedded diamonds adds a modern touch to this solitaire piece. Fashioned in lustrous 14k white gold, it’s center stone is set in medium profile for comfortable wear. This stunning fashion-forward accessory can be your desired sapphire engagement ring.

2. Classic Curved Solitaire Sapphire Ring

Feel charms of heaven with this sculpted solitaire ring. This 14k white gold sleek curved band securely holds a vibrant round blue sapphire in four prongs. The prongs have a twisted origin that creates a lovely side view of a carved band. Additionally, a slightly higher mounting offers a see through side view, an added reason to choose this contemporary sapphire solitaire engagement ring. Alternatively, a perfect gift for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

3. Solitaire Blue Sapphire And Diamond Bypass Ring


A true radiance, our sculpted sapphire and diamond engagement ring is an incredible piece to express serious sentiments. With a round blue sapphire set in six prongs mounted high for a see through look and comfortable wear, this diamond set twisted band creates a majestic appearance. Get a matching wedding band to complete your engagement ring set or let her decide how she wants to flaunt.

4. Solitaire Cushion Sapphire Vintage Ring With Victorian Carving

This is one of our loveliest sapphire engagement rings from Angara’s Vintage Collection. Designed in 14k white gold for a lasting glow and featuring a finely faceted cushion blue sapphire bezel set on a designer band. The Victorian artwork was an inspiration behind a flamboyant latticework on the band and underneathed mounting. With true essence of vine patterns used during 18th century, this cushion sapphire vintage ring is a remarkable choice to woo her. It also makes for an incredible gift any woman will happily cherish forever.

5. Solitaire Blue Sapphire Infinity Knot Ring

Symbolize your love with a significant ring. Fashioned in 14k white gold, this exclusively designed lover’s knot ring features a vibrant round blue sapphire. Every element of this exquisite round sapphire knot ring represents infinite love and enduring commitment. Thus, a perfect promise of a strong bond shared between you and your loved one.

6. Solitaire Pear Blue Sapphire Bypass Ring

Our modern solitaire sapphire ring is an accessory for an everlasting style. Handcrafted in lustrous 14k white gold, it features a vibrant pear-shaped blue sapphire uniquely prong-set on a sleek, curved bypass shank. This dainty sapphire ring could be a refined choice for proposal or a trendy fashion accessory to complement any outfit.

7. Round Semi-Bezel Blue Sapphire And Diamond Dome Ring


Experience celestial beauty with our round sapphire and diamond classic ring. Handcrafted in 14k white gold, the ring has a semi-bezel set round sapphire mounted low profile in a classic dome band. The band is further decorated with gypsy set accent diamonds to create a beautiful starry effect. With ultimate shine and symbolic design, this could be a thoughtful sapphire and diamond engagement ring or a perfect gift to create a memory lasting forever.

8. Bezel Heart Blue Sapphire Triple Heart Ring

A promise of forever love, this unique three hearts sapphire ring is an exceptional pick to show your serious sentiments. Finely handcrafted in 14k white gold, this romantic piece features a bezel set heart-shaped blue sapphire mounted on a sleek band and flanked by two hearts. With an extraordinary look, it’s a perfect choice to intensify any occasion.

9. Solitaire Blue Sapphire And Pave Diamond Dome Ring

To steal the spotlight, adorn your finger with this glitzy blue sapphire ring. Massive and luxurious, the center, oval sapphire is accentuated by triple row of diamonds on both sides of the 14K White Gold band. This ring will certainly drop jaws and demands attention.

10. Bezel Sapphire And Diamond Vintage Inspired Ring

Inspired by glamorous vintage era, this vibrant sapphire engagement ring is one-of-its-kind. It features an oval blue sapphire delicately set in designer double storied metal frills. These frills from top give a wavy look, while side views of the designer mounting shows meticulous curves. Inspired by the Mantillas, a kind of scarf worn in the era gone by, this 14k white gold band features ‘diamond encrusted’ curves. Together, the design and gemstone make this sapphire and diamond ring a showstopper.

These are our customers best seller rings. These sapphire solitaire rings are rated five stars, and witnessed many love soaked proposals. Which one(s) did you like best? Which one(s) do you think will perfectly reflect her personality, style, and taste? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Further, in order to take advantage of Angara’s best value, make sure you apply BEAUTY at checkout today.

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