Today’s your day
I feel it
You paved the way,
Believe it
If you get down
Get up oh, oh
When you get down,
Get up eh, eh

Shakira’s waka waka lyrics set me thinking WHEN is it gonna be my day. As the Colombian singer gyrates with her voice at the World Cup Final, I’ll watch across all these miles as millions participate live in the final countdown.

As I read about the medal Shakira received from the United Nations for her work with impoverished children, my heart warmed to the person she is, apart from the celebrity status she enjoys. How amazing is that? She’s using her celebrity status to make a difference in children’s lives. So impressed by the great role model she is.

To get back to the waka waka lyrics, the latest I heard was that the sultry singer has said that the song is a tribute to African women. This stirs the feminine instincts in me and I try to find personal meanings in the song. About “choosing your battles and getting back in the saddle”; I relate to that bit very well. For all the labor and the unsung victories of my life, the United Nations are not gonna award me. And I believe I deserve the best. So, to acknowledge and celebrate the choices I have made, and the battles I have won (and lost); I deserve a medal. And if no one else in my life can give me one, being the woman of today, I choose it myself! In this spirit of celebration and pride, I browse through gemstone jewelry, diamond rings, earrings and pendants and Gemstone Premium Jewelry range at The reason the jewelry is categorized as premium is because originally, in Latin, praemium means “what one has got better than others”.

Browsing through the premium jewelry section, mind that this is a valued possession that would be passed down generations. Picking one of these is not just an ordinary jewelry purchase, it is an heirloom you are investing in.

For me, I am happy with one of the “best” quality of gemstones, and I know that next when I wanna celebrate myself, and don’t have the moolah, I’ll be content to pick some of the lab created jewelry that’s on

The 30 days return policy makes me feel easy, and I know I can return something if it is below my expectations. The Certificate of Authenticity boosts my confidence further and the special Italian gift pack is the ultimate touch in rewarding myself coz I know “this isn’t over”.

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