Rings have been a traditional form of adornment since ancient times. This beautiful piece of jewelry is often worn to show marital commitment but is not always restricted to it. Rings are also a wonderful reflection of your beliefs and personal sense of style.

While all types of rings are beautiful in their own distinct way, some are truly special because of the meanings they represent.  Here’s a look at a few:



As the name suggests, an eternity ring represents undying love and commitment. Usually, its sentimental value is showcased with the help of stones that are embedded across the circular metal. Semi-eternity bands also represent the same meaning as an eternity band, however its design features gems encrusted only halfway along the circumference.

Infinity Knot


An infinity knot is a powerful symbol of completeness and permanence. It is distinguished by a horizontal figure 8, which showcases no specific start or end. This knot’s simplistic beauty represents an everlasting bond between two individuals. However, the infinity ring is also often worn as a regular accessory. The addition of diamonds or other gemstones further elevates the appeal of this meaningful piece of jewelry.

Three Stone Ring


The design of this beautiful ring usually features a large center stone, symbolic of the present, flanked by a smaller stone on each side. Both these gems represent the past and the future, respectively. There are also designs in which all the three stones are of the same size.  In a very subtle way, three stone rings display the present moment’s eminence over everything else. Also called the past-present-future ring, it’s a wonderful reminder to live in the present moment.

Other Significant Types of Rings:



A solitaire ring features a single gemstone, usually a diamond, mounted on a lustrous metal band. The single center stone is typically available in a variety of exquisite shapes and settings that can be chosen as per your personal preference. The stunning solitaire ring is admired for the elegance and sophistication it exudes. It’s also believed to symbolize your love and affection for your life partner, which has made it one of the most preferred choices for weddings and engagements.



A halo ring is typically recognized by the presence of small, radiant gems that come together to surround the center stone in a luxurious embrace. This iconic ring style has been a favorite amongst royalty, celebrities and anyone with a penchant for a truly luxurious piece of jewelry.



Elaborately designed with an aesthetic touch of the Victorian era, vintage rings are extraordinarily beautiful. The extensive use of intricate carvings, especially filigree work, on the shank gives the ring a distinctive old world charm. Vintage rings are often passed on to the next generation as heirloom not just for their visual splendor, but also due to the sentimental value that’s often attached to them.

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