Whether you are in the middle of a wonderful journey of life or embarking on a new one with your beloved, you can express it well with journey pendants, earrings or rings. These are meaningful pieces of jewelry often designed in a simple and elegant manner. A sequence of gemstones from the smallest to the largest is typically arranged in a vertical or an elaborate pattern for a distinctive yet alluring look.


Both diamonds and colored gemstones can be used to design journey pendants and necklaces. They are held in prong, channel or bezel settings to create a continuous effect. Sometimes, a colored gemstone is combined with diamonds or other gemstones for a hint of extravagance. The open circle pendants with graduating gemstones beautifully symbolize the eternal journey while the ‘S’ or the wave-shaped pendants look ornate. A horizontal journey pendant necklace looks unique and features the largest stone in the middle of the graduating gems. Journey earrings or rings are a great alternative when pendants are not an option.

The essence of ever-growing love and passion is reminiscent to the gemstones progressing in size. Journey pendants, rings or earrings are surely a beautiful reminder of the hard times and the good times shared with your significant other and symbolic of those moments that are yet to come. Also, you can commemorate the amazing adventures and milestones in your life by gifting yourself journey style jewelry. Besides, the trailing gems look so gorgeous, they make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

Journey pendants, rings and earrings feature as less as three gemstones and go up to seven or more gemstones to create a scintillating cascading line. They are modern, highly popular and crafted in different kinds of metals including silver, gold and platinum. Explore the collection of journey jewelry at Angara and pick the one that suits your style and budget.

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