Mother’s Day 2012 is going to be a big thing in Hollywood because we have so many celebrity moms here. So, while we wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day, let’s have a look at these stars, who unlike the usual moms, do not have to drive minivans and wear ugly jeans. These mamas have been up on the sexy/beautiful/hot lists for years. I think that these moms will inspire you to try and take motherhood with style and also tell you that becoming a mother only adds to your glamour and beauty.

The top name in this list is Angelina Jolie, as she has six kids to manage but still has that stunning aura. Her red carpet appearances as well as her gemstone jewelry always make the headlines. It’s amazing how she manages to pull it off with brood of six with her fiancé Brad Pitt. But that does not mean that Angie was always a super mom, she also had her issues. In an interview, she has said that after adopting Maddox in 2003, she learnt how to chuck her bad-girl ways and commit to motherhood. She added that once she committed to Maddox, she stopped being self-destructive and now she has five more, so she has to behave.

Named a Most-beautiful-woman-2012, sexy songstress Beyonce is a new mom. So, she has only four months of experience of motherhood as she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter on Jan. 7. But we can still make out that she has strong motherly instincts as she has recently made a statement how she wants her baby to appreciate the inner beauty. Also the way she is indulging in blue sapphires which almost seem to be a symbolic of the baby Blue Ivy.

Up next on the list is Victoria Beckham, this posh singer-turned-designer has almost made motherhood look glam. So, all the moms you can really take a tip or two from this stylist regarding how to wear your gems or how to dress your kids, she makes it all look so easy and effortless.  Recently in an interview she has said that she and her footballer husband David Beckham have always considered the family as the priority and it has always has been that way and it always will be that way. Beckham has four kids’ three sons, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo and her youngest daughter Harper.

One mom who has been in the headlines recently was sexy Mad Men star January Jones. Though she has not yet revealed the name of the father of her son Xander, she was in news for her statement that she was eating her own placenta in order to deal with the exhaustion of being a new mom. The practice has generated lots of buzz on the internet and there are now numerous online video clips on the issue. If you want to stay youthful and vibrant get emerald jewelry.

Next up is the American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez. Recently she even made a statement that she would love to have more kids though at the moment she seems to be very happy with her twins whom she adorably calls “coconuts”. She has also said that her kids bring so much joy and happiness to her life and they have been instrumental in being down to earth. This star and her love for sparkling colored diamonds have always been inspirational.

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