There are endless types of earrings, from downright glamorous designs to those that look like ingenious interpretations of art and nature. In comparison to these, studs seem rather humble, yet they have always had a solid fan base. But do you really need to own a pair? We’ll give the reasons, and let you decide.

Stud Earring Designs

Diamond Solitaire Studs

Reason: Because they’re chic!

We like to think of diamonds as a precious investment; something that can be passed down to a loved one with pride. And while it’ll be great to receive a massive diamond solitaire ring, a pair of studs too can be equally charming (if not more) to own and gift. Plus they look chic at any time of the day, and on everything you wear.

Diamond Solitaire Studs

Vibrant Colored Gemstone Studs

Reason: Because a pop of color never hurts.

There are times when crawling out of the bed and making it through the day seems like a herculean task. But if you’re in a profession that needs you to look presentable and confident, then you can place your bet on vibrant gemstone studs. Sure they’ll not cover the bloopers you may make during the day, but at least you’ll look pretty while you’re at it.

Heart Tanzanite Solitaire Stud

Fashion Studs

Reason: Because when variety comes in, boring goes out.

Studs in contemporary designs are great to look at. They also let you experiment with your style without looking too over the top. Alphabetical and nature-inspired patterns, especially, are quite popular. For a sophisticated work look, you could also give front-back studs a try.

Designer Fashion Studs More on why studs are awesome…

  • Stacking of rings is a trend that’s currently in vogue. But wearing studs in different shapes and sizes along the ear lobe has been popular in various parts across the world for quite some time now. Double and triple piercings adorned with these little sparklers look extremely stylish and this trend is here to stay. 
  • Versatility is another factor that makes studs a great purchase. Drop earrings or hoops may not always be appropriate for a corporate setting, but you should have no issues with a pair of studs. Head out later for a bite at a pub wearing this versatile piece of jewelry and you’ll still look charming.    
  • Confused about what kind of jewelry to wear for an event? It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of studs. They’re classic and foolproof too. We also love them because they add a bit of an edge to your look without draining the wallet. Affordable alternatives are now available for popular gems, such as a moissanite for diamond, topaz for blue sapphire and tourmaline for pink sapphire. This makes owning a couple of beautiful pair of studs even more convenient.
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