The ‘most important gemstone discovery in over 2000 years’ – tanzanite is surely the gem of the century. With a hint of violet or purple, this bold and striking blue gem has lots more to offer than any other blue gemstone. Moreover, it is also considered 1000 times rarer than diamonds as the tanzanite mine is assumed to get exhausted in the next 15 or 20 years. It is the perfect alternative to blue sapphires and looks luxurious on fine jewelry.

Tanzanite: December’s Stunning Birthstone

Tanzanite is not rich in myths and folklores as it is a recent discovery. But there’s one that will delight tanzanite lovers. The local Masai tribesmen believed that the tanzanite was formed when a lightning set the surrounding plains ablaze and burnt the earth into this flaming bluish-violet gem. It was initially mistaken for a blue sapphire and later found to be a variant of the mineral zoisite. Since the region of Tanzania is the only finite source of this gemstone and its place of origin too, it received the name ‘tanzanite’.

December borns got it lucky as this exotic blue jewel is regarded as their birthstone. Besides, it is also given as a gift to celebrate new life and new beginnings. Consider gifting a new mom a tanzanite pendant or a bride – a tanzanite band. The sacred blue color of the gem was often believed to bring transformation and prosperity to the local Masai people since its discovery. Plus, who can resist the sparks of blue, indigo, violet, purple and sometimes, a hint of burgundy in a tanzanite?

If you like a blue that is darker than a sky blue topaz but brighter than a sapphire, a tanzanite is meant for you. With a mineral hardness of 6.5 to7 Mohs, the tanzanite is a suitable gem to adorn jewelry of all types – earrings, pendants and rings. However, it’s advisable to protect your tanzanite jewels from harsh impacts. If you love to wear bold and oversized gemstone jewelry, tanzanite will be your best friend. Slip on a tanzanite cocktail ring in rose gold with diamond accents illuminating its beauty, and you’ll see heads turning in awe and admiration. From dainty everyday jewelry to luxury pieces, tanzanite jewels always look breathtaking.

Captivated by tanzanite’s intriguing beauty? Be a part of the tanzanite generation and own a beautiful tanzanite adornment today. Angara offers some stunning designs with customizing options in terms of gemstone quality, carat weight and metal.

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