Since its discovery in the 1960s, tanzanites have consistently been praised for their deep color saturation, high luster, brilliance, clarity and other noteworthy factors. More interestingly, a tanzanite gemstone possesses a primary deep blue hue and secondary violet hue. Famously only found in Tanzania, where the stone originally got its name, tanzanite is truly a rare stone. In just a short span of 50 years, the popularity of tanzanite has skyrocketed exponentially. The gemstone was named the modern birthstone of December by the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. With its incredible blue to violet properties, this gemstone is highly coveted for fine jewelry.

Tanzanite Composition Properties

Although, the December birthstone, the deep saturated stone is considered one of the softest stones on Moh’s scale. From designer rings, earrings and pendant necklaces to engagements and weddings, tanzanite jewelry make the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Best Holiday Tanzanite Jewelry Gifts

Scientifically, tanzanite is a semi-transparent zoisite that comes in shades of blue, purple, violet, even red and burgundy. In the roughest stage, these gemstones are a dull brownish color, and get their deep blue to violet color enhancements from intensified heat treatment. The stone has a remarkable quality of changing color with light reflection and refraction. This phenomenon is called trichroism. In simple terms, the finest stones will exhibit three different shades in different lights.

Tanzanite Mystical Properties

This birthstone of December has long been considered a stone that provides contentment, inner strength and understanding, making tanzanite jewelry the perfect gift for any occasion. The gorgeous gemstone is associated with spiritual health and profound wisdom. Specifically, natural tanzanites have strong metaphysical properties and high vibrations.

Birthstone of December Tanzanite Jewelry

Interestingly, the different shades of tanzanite represent different levels of spirituality. The shade variations symbolize different emotions. For example, purple is known as a royal color. Purple tanzanite is believed to invoke passion, spirit and intentions to acquire higher wisdom. In addition, blue tanzanite represents patience, loyalty, respect, friendship and faithfulness. Finally, indigo, the deepest hue of tanzanite, reflects infinite spirituality and a great charm for self-discovery.

Tanzanites make great gifts for workaholics because of their calming properties. With unconventional elegance and individuality, this gem bestows clarity, vision and sensitivity. Its beauty, combined with virtues, make tanzanite the preferred choice for jewelry, especially engagement rings.

Tanzanite Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you are adding tanzanite to your birthstone collection, or are interested in bringing a smile this holiday season, tanzanites will not disappoint. With the extensive tanzanite jewelry collection that Angara has to offer, you’ll find the perfect jewelry, matching the most dynamic personalities. You can select from a wide variety of classic to designer rings, earrings and pendant necklaces. Tanzanite engagement rings will make ordinary proposals extraordinary and unforgettable.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

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