Tanzanite – a rare radiant gemstone has won jewelry aficionado hearts in a short amount of time. Tanzanite, named after its origin (Tanzania), is essentially a trade name for mineral Zoisite and coined by Tiffany & Co. Commercialized in 1960s, this blue beauty has come a long way in popularity and prominence Let us unearth pertinent details about this rare find:



· Tanzanite was accidentally discovered in 1967 by a Masai tribesman on Merelani hills in Northern Tanzania. Even today, these sparkling blue crystals are only available in Merelani.

· First person to claim this glorious blue beauty was Manuel D’Souza, who mistook Tanzanite as Blue Sapphire.

· Eventually, Tiffany & Co. became the distributor of Tanzanite, and introduced into international jewelry market in 1968. Over years, its popularity has increased immensely among jewelry designers, gemologists and rare jewelry collectors.


· Color


Zoisite, as a mineral comes in myriad of colors including gray, yellow, pink, green, violet and etc. Tanzanite has a blue-purple variation, and gets its blue tone from small vanadium traces. From deep blue to violet and purple, one can find tanzanite in almost every shade within this spectrum. Colors of tanzanite are enhanced by heating.In fact, heat treatment improves intensity and color saturation.

· Pleochroic


It is a plechroic gemstone, and displays different colors when viewed from different angles.

· Hardness


With a 6-7 hardness rating on Mohs scale, Tanzanite is a semi-precious, more prone to abrasions, scratches and tarnishes. For this reason, among others, demands special care when adorned in jewelry settings.



Naturally sourced from a sole origin, tanzanite is a unique gemstone with its dual hue phenomenon. Being a prized possession, tanzanite jewelry is in high demand and is considered as one of the top ten selling colored gemstones worldwide. Interestingly, tanzanites remain is a substitute with sapphire because of its rich, deep blue color saturation, high sparkle and eye appeal. Rings, pendants, earrings – each jewelry carved out of this brilliant December birthstone emanates elegance and sophistication.


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