Traditionally, Thanksgiving is associated with family reunions and reconciliations. For several reasons, this fourth Thursday has gained much popularity for proposing. First, a surprise element exists unlike a usual Valentine’s Day one. Second, surrounded by family and friends creates a perfect ambiance. Therefore, in order to make this holiday extraordinarily memorable, we’d like to present a few appreciative Thanksgiving proposal ideas:

Make a Wish

Breaking the wishbone of the turkey has a long-standing ritual, which has become part of many Thanksgiving traditions. Make sure this bone is removed while carving and serving your turkey. Then clean and put in a safe place to dry.

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Tradition has it, two people grasp opposite ends of a wishbone, and whoever ends up with the larger piece, will be the one whose wish will come true. Although, this outcome is not in your hands, you can definitely make sure to suit your needs. Either way,you can prepare and have an eloquent, romantic and surprise proposal waiting for her.

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If you manage to get a larger piece, you can ask along the lines of, “I need you to help my wish come true—will you marry me?” on the other hand, in case the ‘bone of war’ ends in her favor, you can put in a subtlehint such as“I don’t know what you wished for, but I think I can make one of your wishes come true right now.”

Eat, Drink and Propose

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There really isn’t an ‘innovative’ touch other than Thanksgiving makes all the difference. You can propose with a classic ‘ring in drink’ formula or choose to go a little more dramatic with your proposed ring concealed in her favorite pie. It might not be a most unique idea, but will surely be a memorable. However, make sure you don’t put the ring in the wrong plate or glass! You don’t want to create a memory of your Thanksgiving marriage proposal fail to include rushing granny to the dentist’s because you served her a meal with some very expensive (and hard) garnish!

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Also, ensure her engagement ring is not too intricately designed.Choose something pretty, pleasant to eyes and easy to clean immediately after the big moment. Don’t try anything outrageous such as burying in the turkey, stuffing and/or casseroles. Topping a slice of pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce with a dollop of whipped cream and a sparkling engagement ring would do just fine.

Say with Gratitude

In most American families and groups of friends who gather to share Thanksgiving dinner together, it has become custom for a host to say something for which they are thankful for this year and have each guest around their table follow. Arrange with your host to be the last person called upon, and when it’s your turn, let your woman know how grateful you are for very even smallest gestures she does for you. Then, add one more thing that would make you the happiest man alive: Her hand in marriage.

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If both of you have been contemplating on a right time to take your relationship forward, Thanksgiving could be a great occasion to pop the question without further ado.

We wish you, your fiancé to be, families and friends a very happy Thanksgiving!


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