You want color, you want value, and you want to connect!

From Angelina’s emeralds to Katie’s sapphires to your survey responses, 2009 is about color!  We sent out our annual survey about a month ago and over a thousand of you responded with so many wonderful compliments and suggestions (and we gave out $50,000 in gift certificates to say thanks!).  Since we are always looking to improve, here are your top three suggestions:

  • “Give me more colored gemstone jewelry” (especially ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and aquamarine)
  • “Give me some quality options so I can find the style I like in my budget”
  • “Give me a place to connect with other gemstone jewelry lovers…and let us share what we’ve created at Angara and elsewhere”

Well, we listened.  You’ll see over 200 new styles added last month (in the gems you asked for – check out our new arrivals section!) and we’ll keep adding 15-20 every week until Christmas!  We’ve launched a “good-better-best” grading system for our top 450 styles, so you can pick the quality to suit your style or budget (see this best seller example).

And now, even though we have 11 blogs that my teammates here run in their private time, we bring you The Gem Lounge, a space dedicated to you – our friends, first-timers, fellow gemstone fans and jewelry newbies alike.  This is YOUR space – you decide what you want to talk about, I’ll make it happen.  Post away – let the fun begin!


Your moderator,
Gem Genie

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    1. Hello Marilyn,

      You have contacted the right vendor for purchasing finished goods in jewelry. The most popular gemstone for bracelets is sapphire. Sapphire is a precious valuable which is seen in abundant colors like blue, pink, yellow etc. Amongst all, blue is the most coveted one.

      Have some good time shopping with Angara with profitable deals for you this Christmas.

    2. Hello Marilyn. Thank you for the inquiry and that’s a great question. When it comes to bracelets, the traditional and forever brilliance diamonds are the most popular, but you will be amazed also by multi-colored gemstones and gemstone combinations that will leave us captivating and demand great attention.

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