Blame it on the chilly weather, festive air, family gatherings or series of celebrations- holiday season is the best time for popping the question. If you have made up your mind to propose your lady in the near future, you should go through these ‘must remember’ tips before shopping for an engagement ring.

1. Set the budget


It’s a very important aspect in the process. You should decide a figure before you start shopping. A general rule says that a proposal ring would cost your two months salary. But it completely depends on you and your choice of stone and material.

2. Brick-and-mortar or Online store


Both the stores have their own advantage. You can physically look and feel the jewels at a brick and mortar store while they could cost you few extra dollars (that discreetly includes the shop charges, maintenance charges, staff cost, etc.) and don’t forget the time and energy you’ll waste in going there.

Online stores don’t provide a real time instant pick up service; but they really have a large inventory and quick customization services. And the best part is you can shop from the comfort of your home.

3. Figure out a design


There are infinite designs and patterns available in the market. So before heading to a shop, do a little research and create your own design.


Antique, vintage, retro, modern or a fusion – what is your choice? Do you want a halo set diamond ring or a two tone sapphire and accent diamond ring? Will the center stone be oval, pear, marquise or round? What will be the setting? The options are endless and you might get confused. So be sure what style you want for your special jewel.

NataliePortmanEngagementRingdiamond-ring-with-diamond-band Oval-Sapphire-and-Round-Diamond-Border-Wedding-Ring-Set-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0568SB_Reg

4. Metal choice


Platinum and gold are the best metal options for engagement rings. The former will though cost you more, many people feels the price is worth it. Platinum is the rarest metal. It is hypoallergenic, durable and natural white. It’s resistant to scratches and is secure for every type of setting.


Gold on the other hand is a traditional choice. You can choose the conventional yellow gold or opt for colored gold like pink, white, yellow or green.


Other metal options for engagement rings are silver and titanium.

5. Setting Style


The way a stone is set puts a great impact on the overall look of the ring. Prongs can highlight the entire stone while a bezel gives the illusion of a larger stone.


6. Diamond is not necessary


They are a girl’s best friend but for a lovely proposal it’s not required to stick to them. Colored gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are equally graceful and beautiful for a romantic proposal. You can even choose birthstones to make it more meaningful.


7. The 4Cs


Whether it’s a diamond or any other colored rock, quality is important. To decide the quality of a stone is to measure it on the 4C standard. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat are what you should check in every stone. Before making a purchase, educate yourself about these features of gemstones – their significance, relevance and importance.

8. The 5th C

Like the color, cut, clarity and carat another c that determines the cost of a stone is its certification. Always remember to ask for a standard certificate before buying. Check out the certificate sample of top labs to understand the relevancy.


Your grading certificate should authorize the color, clarity, carat and cut of the stone. If you are asking for the appraisal certificate make sure it has the appraised value of the product and should be certified by a registered gemologist.

9. Avoid Solitaire less than a carat:


A solitaire lesser than a carat in weight is tiny and more than a carat is costly! So instead of spending thousands on a single stone, try out some cluster style. Pave set diamonds that add up to just under a carat have a brilliant sparkle and can cost far lesser than a solitaire.

10. Insurance is important

Your engagement ring is valuable – emotionally and of course financially. It’s a sizable investment, so you should not forget about the insurance. According to Donna Syverson, a spokesperson for the national insurance firm Jewelers Mutual, the annual premium for the ring would only cost about 1 to 2.7% of the appraised value.


  1. Hi Guys

    Nice article! I think we’ll certainly see an increase in the number of people buying engagement rings from an online store in the future. Especially as purely ‘online’ retailers invest more time and effort into generating a better digital customer experience for the buyer.

    It’s still one of the most personal and important purchases of your life, along with your first house etc etc.. No substitute for doing your homework before you buy!


    1. Hi Gary!

      Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the warm compliment. History as far back as discovered, have shown many forms and praises of engagement rings, but the meaning has always been the same, eternal love and commitment. With the revolution of the Internet, it’s changed the way both consumers and business think and have to think. As retailers, we always have to stay one step ahead of the consumer.

      We could not agree with you anymore. Great minds do think alike. Buying an engagement is one of the best and most important investment will make. There is unlimited information about diamond jewelry out there, but what about the emergence of colored stone jewelry? Whether, we are considering diamond or colored stone jewelry, choose the jewelry expert that are family-owned and have been around for three generations and counting. Only a handful of sources can say they are a direct-source, where there is no middleman involved. We have to be there for the public as we are the experts. We have to provide them proper guidance, knowledge and expertise.

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