Inspired by the royal sapphire engagement rings or just want to ditch the traditional diamond ring? The reason of choosing a sapphire ring could be anything. The beautiful and brilliant blue sapphire rings have the charm to conjure anybody just at a glance.

As they are a royal choice, the stones are very popular for engagement rings and most women these days choose them as the best alternative to diamonds. If you have decided to move a step forward in your relationship and planning to propose her, doing so with a sapphire engagement ring is a good idea.

Before you start your quest for the special ring, there are few things you should check as these will make your ring buying much better and easier.

Involve her:

Surprises are good but not always. This is a big matter. If she is crazy for a surprise proposal, you can indirectly find out her choice. But if she is more focused on the details, involve her in the buying process. Know her preference of metal, style, design and stone quality and shape. Also, discuss the budget. This will give her a better insight and she will be able to narrow her choice.




Be more practical:

A bold ring or a solitaire with higher mounting looks extremely pleasing but that is not enough? You have to make sure the ring is durable and easy to carry. If she is very outdoorsy person, get her a ring with lower setting. A ring with diamond halo or bezel setting is anyways better as they secure the center stone while allowing free movements without compromising with the beauty.


Durability is important:

She has to wear it regularly so the ring should be durable enough to withstand the extremes of her lifestyle. When worn frequently, the jewelry make start looking dull. If it’s in contact with chemicals or she is involved in strenuous work like washing, cleaning, gardening etc, it make tarnish or the stones may get loose. It is good to go for metals like platinum or gold over silver and other metals as they have higher resistance towards chemical changes.


Stick to classics:

Although jewelry designs and styles change with trends and there is no harm in gong with the latest trends. But an engagement ring is not the fashion accessory. She has to wear it regularly over years. Therefore, it is important to choose a classic look over the trends. Classic designs like solitaires and three-stones never go out of fashion. You can include some detailing according to ongoing or upcoming trends for a perfect touch.


Working around these points will help you in finding a perfect blue sapphire ring, she will love to adorn for the rest of her life.

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