Whether you are looking at proposing or planning to get engaged, it is important to choose a ring that is both timeless and stylish. Here are the top five engagement ring trends that will help you find the ring of your dreams.

Colored Gemstone Center Stones


Though white diamonds have always been the popular choice for engagements rings, of late a lot of brides are opting for rings with colored gemstones at the center. Apart from offering breathtaking brilliance, these rings are also perfect for expressing your sense of style. While a ring with an emerald or a black diamond at the center will let you make a bold statement, those with aquamarines or pink sapphires look subtle yet fascinatingly beautiful.

Decorative Halo


What could be more alluring than a gemstone set within a row of sparkling accent stones? The halo around the center stone gives the ring added brilliance as well as a more decorative look. Rings with a splendid double halo design or a floral halo are perfect for those looking at something that’s more elaborate. For an extraordinary look, you can also consider opting for a halo ring with a diamond studded split shank.

Vintage Inspired Rings


A trend that is sure to remain popular for many years to come, vintage inspired rings will work for those with an eye for detail. With intricate patterns and awe-inspiring styles, vintage rings are perfectly romantic. If you wish to stand out in the crowd, then these classic rings are just right for you.

Rose Gold


Both flattering and feminine, rose gold is making a huge comeback in fine jewelry. More couples are opting for rose gold as their choice of metal for engagement as well as wedding rings. In addition to enhancing the spark of the diamond, the warm, pink hue of this metal lends a distinctive touch to a piece of jewelry. The delightful hue suits all skin tones and works well with both modern and classic designs.

Elaborate Side Views


Intricate detailing on the sides will ensure that your ring looks gorgeous from just about any angle. It’s a great choice for women who want to go with something different, yet classic. For infusing some sentimental quality, you can also consider engraving meaningful details in your engagement ring.

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