“I Love You and want to spend all my life with you. Will you marry me?” Thoughts of popping this question make men nervous and restless. Perfect timing can lead to an easy proposal, and Christmas is one of the best times to propose to the love of your life. Love is in the air, ornamental decorations and colorful lights everywhere. Truly, the perfect mood and ambiance setting.


Timing alone is not enough. The proposal ring can help you hear the magical words, “Yes, I Do.” Let’s discuss Angara’s top four engagement proposal ring styles:

1. Solitaire Rings:

Originated from French, ‘Solitaire’ means alone; Solitaire rings highlight beauty of a single gemstone. Solitaires say, “You are the perfect one for me.” It can be any gemstone, but fashionable brides of all ages still find diamond to be most popular. It stands for eternity and dazzles with forever brilliance. Our First Lady Michelle Obama wears a diamond solitaire engagement ring. Graceful and elegant, it suits her in all aspects.

2. Three Stone Rings:

Three stone rings may sound self-explanatory, but the meaning may not be as obvious. The ring can have three same gems or a combination of two to three gems. They symbolize past, present and future. More often than not couples associate this representation with eternal love and for that reason, among others, makes this ring perfect for a proposal. Jessica Simpson wears a three stone ring, consisting of a fiery radiant ruby with pear shaped diamonds on each side.

3. Halo Rings:

Halo is a ring of light surrounding the head of the person, mostly affiliated with angels, arts, paintings and Gods. Halos inspired jewelry designers to use the concept in rings as well. A halo ring is a ring of diamonds (or other gemstones) surrounding a center stone (I.e. Round, oval and etc.). Kate Middleton‘s Sapphire and Diamond Halo ring can be said to be most popular in recent times.

4. Eternity Rings:

Symbolizing forever love, these rings are loved both as engagement ring and wedding ring. Full eternity rings, as the name suggests, are encrusted with gemstones along the entire circumference. The semi eternity rings have gemstones on top half of the band. You can also stack these rings like Emily Maynard, who is known for her stackable diamond eternity rings.

While the above four are the most common choice for brides-to-be, these engagement proposal ring styles are unique in their own ways. Share with us which style of e-ring you would like to pair with her wedding band. We’d like to hear from you.

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