Apart from opals, there’s yet another birthstone for the month of October – the glorious and astonishing tourmaline. This beautiful gemstone is available in a wide variety of dazzling colors. There’s the pastel pink, rich red, deep blue, vibrant green and many more. Tourmalines are also found in a multi-color variety with a pink center, white ring and green edges, just like a watermelon. Vibrant and alluring, this gemstone is a favorite among gemstone collectors and jewelry designers.


The name ‘tourmaline’ comes from the Sinhalese word turamali, which means ‘stone with various colors’. Tourmaline is a boron silicate mineral and contains traces of aluminum, iron, sodium, lithium, copper, magnesium and potassium. Its distinct gemological properties and three-sided triangular prisms make it different from other similar colored gemstones. It has a hardness rating of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Tourmaline is also dichroic. It appears to change color when viewed from different angles and different lighting conditions.

Tourmalines are mined all around the world. Active mines are found in Africa, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Elba, Australia, Brazil, Burma, India, Kenya, Madagascar, and the USA. This fascinating gemstone symbolizes unconditional love and friendship. It is also believed to promote flexibility of thought and introduce qualities of wisdom and compassion.

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