trillion-tanzanite-and-diamond-designer-pendant-Angara.comLet’s start the week with the astounding brilliance of tanzanite and diamond. Our ‘Product of the Week‘ – The ‘Trillion Tanzanite and Diamond Designer Pendant‘ is a state-of-the-art choice to celebrate any occasion. Artisan-made in California, USA, this contemporary pendant is a customer favorite and has the celebrity style that every woman desires.

A trillion tanzanite of fine quality exquisitely set in secured ‘v’ prongs is the focal point of this pendant. The twisted bale with brilliant diamonds decorate the piece while hangs it from an 18-inches chain. The 14k white gold setting further intensifies the glory of this refined accessory.

The beauty of exotic tanzanite with the sparkle of diamonds makes this piece highly valuable. Tanzanite is relative new in the gemstone world but it is in great demand for its exceptional beauty and limited availability in nature. This is also the modern birthstone for December – another reason to choose tanzanite. Like sapphire and aquamarine, tanzanite is also a famous blue stone loved by celebrities. Its color changing property is the most astonishing feature of the gemstone.

Combined with the charm of diamonds, tanzanite in this pendant makes a lovely choice for fine jewelry. Suitable for your dynamic personality, this pendant also makes a significant gift for birthday, Christmas or any special event. With us, you can customize this piece with your choice of stone quality and metal (White Gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum).

Moreover, this captivating Tanzanite and Diamond Fashion Pendant is available at a special value of 15% Off with assured jewelry gifts. The offer is only for a limited period, so you should act fast and use the code SP0158T15 at checkout to get this dramatic piece at an unbelievable value.

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