Want to make the upcoming Valentine’s Day memorable for yourself and the special woman in your life? If yes, then we’ve got some great tips to make it happen. For starters, remember that the key to a wonderful 14th of Feb is to make it not just about her, but the both of you. Get this right, and trust us there will be some wonderful surprises coming your way too. So let the planning begin!


Go Big or Keep it Simple?

The answer to this depends entirely on how comfortable you both are with each other, and your budget of course. A grand gesture will certainly blow her mind away, but you may also raise her expectation for the next time around. So make your decision wisely.

If you wish to go big, then a surprise trip to a romantic destination she’s never been to is a sure-shot way to sweep her off her feet. A spa session at an exotic resort, snorkeling in the ocean, watching the sunset together while sipping on sparkling wine are what dreams are made of. And if you want to put a cherry on top of this fine cake, then gift her a spectacular piece of jewelry. We highly recommend you opt for a red-hued jewel; after all it’s the ultimate color of love and passion. Not sure about what to buy? Take a look at our mesmerizing options featuring Garnet and Ruby.


Low-Key yet Nice

Wish to keep things minimal, but still want this day to be special? Then put your creativity skills to test and make some beautiful gifts with your own hands. Yes, sometimes it’s the effort that makes all the difference. Create an album with pictures of both of you, and gift it to her along with a heartfelt note or a letter. It’s simple, romantic and will certainly put a smile on her face.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with cooking. Make use of the amazing recipes and videos available online and prepare her a delicious meal. Who said good food is the way to only a man’s heart?



Speaking of hearts – it is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of love. From balloons and cakes to bookmarks, there are a variety of pretty gift options you can choose to show someone you care for them. But if you want to make a lasting impression, and perhaps even take your relationship to the next level, then we recommend a beautiful heart-shaped ring. From simple and elegant patterns to jaw-dropping designs, there’s something to suit every personality and preference. Alternately, you can also pick a heart pendant and even earrings.


Romance Her under the Stars

Being away from the city lights and simply exploring the beauty of nature is, for many couples, a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already had a camping experience with your lady, then we reckon 14th of Feb will be a great time.

There are plenty of amazing camping spots spread across the entire country, so do your homework and choose a place that best suits your needs. Connecting with your partner under the light of a thousand stars is an opportunity you simply should not miss!


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. And quality time together, with some pretty surprises, will never fail to make this day even more special for the both of you. So plan early and don’t miss out on having fun during the process.

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