Your wedding will be one of the most special occasions in your life, and we’re sure you’d want the celebrations to be nothing less than perfect. And why not, it’s your ‘big’ day after all! Right from the décor and the food to the gown and your accessories – everything counts. Sure, your wedding dress will be the ‘star’, but choosing the right jewelry to go with it is equally important. Read on for a little guidance on how you can select the jewelry that’ll help you look your best.


  1. Less is More
    Jewelry does add a unique touch to your look but remember not to overdo it. The pieces that you pick need to complement your gown. If your wedding dress has an elaborate neckline, go for a pair of drop earrings in the place of a necklace. A bold statement necklace will go well with a dress that’s simple. Rather than accessorizing every part of your body, stick to a few key pieces.
  2. Match the Metals
    Confused about which metal to choose? Let the color of your wedding gown help you out. For a pure white dress, platinum or silver will be the best choice. If your dress is ivory or champagne, go for gold. Rose gold will look the best when paired with a blush gown. In case your gown is embellished with bead work, choose your accessories on the basis of its color.
  3. Consider the Neckline
    Pairing your gown’s neckline with the right jewelry can add character to your look. If it’s a sweetheart or strapless, focus on an elegant pair of dangle earrings. For a V-neck, a diamond pendant along with small drop earrings will be great. A halter or reverse halter will look good with just a pair of studs. For extra sparkle, go for a cocktail ring or a bracelet.
  4. Stick to the Budget
    Don’t get overwhelmed by the various options available and buy jewelry that’s beyond your set budget. Although it’s your special day, avoid ending up breaking your bank. Purchase jewelry online rather than opting for traditional stores. This way, you can buy yourself jewelry that’s of utmost quality at a much lesser price. Also, make sure that you pick pieces that will go beyond your wedding day and can be easily incorporated into your everyday style.
  5. Flaunt Your Style
    While the people around you may have their own opinions to offer, go with what you like. Remember, your jewelry should be a reflection of your personality and style. If you don’t find it comfortable to wear long chandelier earrings, simply wear studs. Love wearing bracelets? Go for it! The point here is to wear whatever makes you happy.
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