It is the sun shining on the rain or the rain falling on the sunshine.” When you think of this quote from The Secret Garden, what comes to mind?

Absolutely! The famous quote connotes the arrival of Spring. Annually, spring is the season of fertile earth, muddy pants, fragrant soil, love bugs, crazy daisies, new beginnings and ringing wedding bells. Weddings in warmer weather months (March-June) make for most fantastic and rejoicing of times, which lead to novel fashion trends and themes. Adding some creative touches to a traditional wedding exponentially increases fun for both bride and groom.


While most men are busy with planning and tuxedo tailoring, women are running through streets and websites for bridal dresses, shoes, floral headbands, tiaras, and most importantly, bridal jewelry. Like their engagement ring, everything needs to be a perfect match when it comes to bridal shopping. In fact, perfect matches remind us of an impressive and distinctive trend: Wedding Ring Sets. Why not bundle a ring set from the start when you are prepared to wear a matching band with your engagement ring? By buying a wedding ring set (engagement ring and wedding band), you can make sure your rings perfectly flush together, but also save money, time, efforts and a headache.


Wedding ring sets account for a wise and prolific purchase. Needless to say, they are strikingly gorgeous as separate rings, but when they come together aggregately, you see a unique design that can best be described as celebrity status. However, opting for a ring set lowers your concern of purchasing a suitable match for your e-stunner. Additionally, both rings in your set are designed to mesh well with one another, ensuring a comfortable fit for long-term. With a matching ring set, your rings fit together like a Cinderella Story.


Even if your engagement ring was a surprise from your fiancé, not to worry. You can have the best counterpart for any style, size and shape. For any engagement ring, Angara can find the perfect matching wedding band(s) for you. This wedding season, be as individual as you can with your bridal jewelry, making sure your big day is perfect. In fact, the latest jewelry fashion trend is favoring trio wedding ring sets, which are gaining considerable recognition at an increasing rate.


Check out an exclusive and stunning collection of wedding ring sets at Angara, and make your purchase a dream come true. From classic to modern, you can find an ample selection of diamond and gemstone options at your convenience.


Tell us your wedding ring story and share your thoughts about this jewelry trend. Wishing you a joyful Spring Wedding Season! We look forward to hearing from you.


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