Large, oversized and dramatic, cocktails rings are statement jewels that can easily add extra oodles of glam to any look. These rings are larger than normal rings and are characterized by large center gems, often accentuated by smaller gems or intricate design elements. Both bold and beautiful, cocktail rings are almost impossible to ignore. These attention-seeking, awe-inspiring sparklers come adorned with a wide array of precious and semi-precious gems, and also in a variety of metals.


To appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the cocktail ring, it is important to understand its historical background. Not many know that this ring style started out as a sign of rebellion against the American prohibition era. The 1920s were a period that saw the conflict between traditional values and progressive reforms. This was also the time when women were given the right to vote; they also began expressing their new-found freedom in the way they dressed.

During this time, alcohol was banned. But this didn’t stop people from holding illegal drinking parties. It is said that flamboyant young women would often wear large-sized rings to simply draw attention to the fact that they were indulging in illicit alcoholic drinks. In this new era of rapidly increasing freedom, women donned cocktail rings to flaunt their independence. These rings were usually worn on the right hand and were mostly bought by the woman herself, with her own money.

In the 1950s and 60s, the cocktail ring became a standard accessory for any woman heading for a dinner at a restaurant, a night at the opera or as you already know – a cocktail party. Though it went out of fashion in the 70s, it did come back with a bang in the 80s, when women started wearing it both during the day and the night. Till today, the cocktail ring is a woman’s go-to statement accessory for just about any occasion.

The luxurious appearance and irresistible beauty of cocktail rings make them a wonderful addition to a jewelry collection. Unlike usual rings, these jewels let you express yourself through the medium of colors and other design elements. While some choose to wear their favorite gem in their cocktail ring, others wear their birthstone. Whichever way, these rings are a great representation of your personal style and also make fabulous conversation starters.

Wish to own one? Then you must take a look at Angara’s fascinating assortment of cocktail rings that includes a wide variety of designs. Whatever the gem, metal or shape you have in mind, you will easily find the perfect pick that suits your requirements.


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