Both elegant and glamorous, the emerald cut’s intriguing beauty stands apart from the other popular gemstone cuts and shapes like round, pear, oval and princess. The clean graduating lines compel you to look deeper into the gem and immerse into its mesmerizing hue and sparkle. With emerald-cut diamonds, the flashes of light reflecting from each facet exude a scintillating effect that is different from the brilliance of a round or a princess-cut diamond. The table top of an emerald-cut diamond highlights clarity and also the slightest inclusion. So if you ever wondered why the name ‘emerald cut’, take a glimpse into the past to know more…

In the 1500’s, stonecutters used the step-cutting process on emeralds to prevent chipping and cracking while cutting. However, the name ‘emerald cut’ was coined in the 1920’s Art Deco era, when this cut was popularized for its defined contour. The geometric allure and symmetry of the emerald cut have made it one of the most-coveted cutting styles for all gemstones. Emerald-cut colored gems and diamonds undoubtedly exhibit a timeless vintage-inspired look, although they can be designed in numerous other ways to suit different styles and preferences.


An emerald-cut colored gemstone or diamond engagement ring will be an offbeat choice for a bride-to-be. It will make her fingers look more slender and long. Also, the understated sparkle and immense clarity of the gem will fetch her many compliments. Cocktail rings look best in emerald cut and they give you the perfect dose of extravagance for the night. It’s no wonder why the celebs of the yesteryears and Hollywood luminaries of today have fallen for this fascinating cut. Citrines, amethysts, garnets and blue topazes especially look bold and eye-catching in emerald cut. You can add a little more drama to your look with emerald-cut gemstone rings that come with diamond halos, side stones and studded split shanks.


When attending a social event, go retro with emerald-cut gemstone cocktail earrings or a carry a sophisticated every-day look with gemstone studs in an emerald cut. They will always make a statement. If you don’t mind grabbing more attention to your face, pick a pair of emerald-cut gemstone drop earrings. A pair of emerald-cut aquamarine or morganite earrings for a subtle charm, or garnets, citrines and tanzanites to up your occasional glam-girl vibe – the choice is yours.


Wear an old-world flair around your neck with an emerald-cut gemstone pendant. You can’t say it’s not gorgeous. A vertically set emerald-cut gem will elongate your neckline, so consider pairing it with a flattering low-cut dress. A diamond bale, cluster or a halo adds a hint of ornate brilliance to this edgy gemstone cut. In a three-stone setting, it looks trendy and strikingly beautiful.

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