The popularity of rose gold, in the past couple of years, has seen its share of ups and downs. More recently it has experienced a peak in demand, which highlights the fact that this beautiful, pink-hued gold is not just used for crafting jewelry. From cell phones and other electronic gadgets to the fashion industry, rose gold is certainly being utilized more than ever before.

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Several researches suggest that rose gold was first created by the Nahuange people from Colombia, who lived during the first millennium AD. The artifacts recovered from this civilization prove that they were skilled in making impure gold look more valuable. Their gold ornaments, such as nose pendants, necklaces and earrings, were deliberately over polished to reveal pink and orange tones hidden underneath.

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Rose gold gets its color by mixing yellow gold with copper alloy. This metal does not have the tendency to tarnish quickly, which is a positive feature. However, the copper present in the metal can cause allergic reactions to some. A person may or may not like rose gold for different reasons. While some may view it as a low-quality metal, others will cherish it for its unique appearance and warm glow. The most notable example of this would be iPhones available in rose gold color. In fact, many people are quite disappointed that the new iPhone 8 is not available in this popular shade. And that’s not it! You can find Bluetooth speakers, USB cables, laptops and headphones in rose gold. Several cosmetic companies are re-packaging their lip glosses in sleek rose gold tube applicators. You will also see famous models and celebrities donning outfits and accessories in this pretty color.

Engagement rings crafted from this metal are also very popular among couples. This is because rose gold, often, brings out the vivacity of colored gems and makes the piece of jewelry appear even more vibrant. The hue of this metal complements a variety of skin tones as well.

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With all the different uses of rose gold seen nowadays, it does seem unlikely that this metal will go out of style anytime soon. And even if it does, rest assured that rose gold will make an even more bold and dramatic comeback.

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