A beautiful emerald ring is all you need to add an elegant yet impressive twist to your look. The rich and lush hue of this precious gemstone infuses an intriguing pop of color to almost any outfit. There are no rules while accessorizing with emeralds. However, for your emerald rings to make a show-stopping statement it is important that you style them right. Let’s take a look at the things you need to consider while wearing an emerald ring:


Green with light hues and pastels

If you want your emerald ring to stand out, wear it with any white or light-hued dress in your wardrobe. The emerald preferably set in white gold or platinum will be just right as the metal will complement your feminine charm as well as bring out the gemstone’s green color to the maximum.

Understated with complementing colors

Your emerald ring may not need to look eye-popping at all times. With a dress from the same color family such as a woody brown or a neutral shade of beige or gray, or a complementing color like midnight blue, an emerald ring works as a great accompaniment. You can express your personal style with this unique yet fascinating combination.

Color-block with your bright wardrobe

The glamour of an emerald ring can be well put to test by color-blocking it with an opposite color from the spectrum. It will look nothing less than stunning. Just don’t overdo with other accessories and keep your makeup minimal. A hot red dress or purple suit teamed with a stunning emerald cocktail ring will lend you enough limelight for an evening look.

A vibrant all-green look

While opting for an all-green look, an emerald ring set in warm gold tones such as yellow or rose gold will add to the dramatic allure while silvery metals will tone it down a bit, but in a fashionable way. From sage and mint to jade and bluish-greens, your outfits in any shade of green will look even more alluring with this sparkling green gem. Try this head-turning look, the next time you hit the ballroom!

Emeralds and the classic B&W

This is one gorgeous combination which is simple yet so distinctive. A black and white ensemble teamed with an exquisite emerald ring is sure to turn heads. A simple band of emeralds or a dainty emerald solitaire ring will infuse a hint of refreshing green to your monochrome garb, uplift your mood and chase away your weekday blues. Similarly, a larger emerald ring will enhance the mystery and sophistication of a black and white evening wear.

Turn up the glam quotient

For days you want to feel extra stylish, add more emeralds to your ensemble. An emerald necklace or a pair of emerald earrings will strike the perfect balance with your emerald ring, especially on low-cut, strappy and off-the-shoulder dresses. Just avoid wearing a parure of emeralds, unless your dress is in a solid color and demands excessive accessories. Occasionally, you can also combine a set of diamond earrings or a necklace with your emerald ring.

Keep in mind

Emeralds are a softer gem; precious and rare. If you have invested in a high-quality stunning green emerald ring, wear it occasionally. This way you can keep your jewel safe from accidents and impacts that may cause the gem to chip. Avoid wearing it on the dominant hand, if you want to wear it every day. Also, put on the emerald ring only after you’re done wearing makeup and perfume. Emeralds can wear out their beautiful green hue and luster by coming in contact with harsh chemicals and heat. Care for your emerald rings and they will stay as gorgeous and dazzling as you saw them the first time.

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