A Color for Every Mood A COLOR For Every Mood

How do you celebrate a woman and her many moods?
With a collection that complements all of them!

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Blue Sapphire as Stunning Blue Stunning Blue

Dramatic, dynamic and engaging, three words that perfectly describe this immensely loved color. But there’s more to it…

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Opal as Galaxy Colors Galaxy Colors

A play of colors that depicts of one of the most surreal sights of nature is what this one is all about.

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Garnet as Intense Red Intense Red

Love, passion, romance and strength – all of them sing the song of red. This one’s a hue that spells beauty and sensuality in the same breath.

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Blue topaz as Tropical Blue Tropical Blue

This fantastic hue doesn’t really need an introduction, does it? Simplicity, expressiveness and versatility, this hue is brimming with them all!

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Amethyst as Royal Purple Royal Purple

Purple is nature’s way of showing its imperial side. Rarity once made this hue available only to the royals, but not anymore…

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Citrine as Honey-Yellow Honey Yellow

Think optimism, energy and vibrancy, and the hue that radiates all of them is a gorgeous honey-yellow.

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Diamond as Sheer Sparkle Sheer Sparkle

Brilliance and rarity, if that’s your pick then let sheer sparkle work its magic on you.

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Emerald as Lush Green Lush Green

A hue that depicts abundance and flourishing foliage…lush green is a winner in every way.

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Pink Tourmaline as Vivid Pink Vivid Pink

Apart from being visually appealing, this outstanding hue also represents passion and playfulness.

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Ruby as Majestic Ruby Majestic Ruby

Doesn’t this magnificent hue, also known as the universal color of love, deserve every bit of the attention it receives?

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Tanzanite as Violet Blue Violet + Blue

When two fantastic shades blend together the result is truly enchanting, as seen in this resplendent hue.

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Brown Diamond as Coffee Brown Coffee Brown

Coffee may have a loyal fan following, but its color isn’t too far behind. Charming and alluring, this hue has a distinct personality of its own.

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Pink Sapphire as Blossomy Pink Blossomy Pink

Playful, charming and romantic, this gorgeous hue continues to win hearts without much effort!

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Peridot as Olive Green Olive Green

Call it intriguing or simply stunning, this visually stimulating hue will certainly not disappoint.

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Behind the Collection

Women and their many moods! Yes, that is what inspired us to create Color Crush. This collection is all about expressing your mood through the medium of colors. Our master crafters have put together vibrant gems in elegant designs and the result is a range of jewelry that is absolutely crush-worthy!

Why Choose Color Crush?

Because sometimes colors do speak louder than words. They can be a representation of your personality, and an expression of your mood. We also believe that beauty lies in simplicity, and the designs in this collection reflect the same. Simply put, choose Color Crush if you want to indulge in affordable, colorful and graceful jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear.

What Can You Expect?

Every piece in the Color Crush collection draws focus to the beauty of precious and semi-precious gemstones. You’ll find these vibrant rocks embedded in versatile studs, stackable rings, pretty drop earrings, and charming pendants. Pick the color you’re in the mood for or simply mix-n-match, and let these fine jewelry pieces brighten up your look just a little more…

Adorn Your Own Color Jewelry