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The pearl, since ancient times, has been valued for its fine luster and unmatched beauty. This captivating gem of the sea has often been associated with spiritual transformation, purity, clarity, and wisdom. In several ancient societies, the pearl was believed to represent the moon and regarded to possess magical powers. This beautiful gem was also considered to symbolize water and women.

Pearls are known to soothe emotions, enhance peace of mind and develop concentration. This iridescent gem represents integrity and faith and is considered to make the wearer feel calm. It is also believed to strengthen relationships. Pearls can offer protection, stimulate femininity and help promote self acceptance. These exquisite gems are also said to attract wealth and luck.

According to ancient Chinese civilizations, pearls protected the wearer from dragons and fire. The pearl is also one of the eight emblems of the Chinese tradition. On the other hand, the ancient Japanese believed that these alluring gems were formed from the tears of mythical beings such as angels, mermaids, and nymphs.

Pearl is also regarded to be the birthstone for those born in the month of June. While pristine white pearls are associated with innocence, beauty and new beginnings, gold and black pearls stand for wealth and prosperity. A symbol of purity, these lustrous gems are often sewn into wedding gowns or worn by the bride as jewelry.