We are very happy ordering again from Angara. The wedding bands are perfect in shape and look. We feel the effort put into the items and good spirit for our life path. We do recommend Angara to anybody looking for things that are special and excellent. Angara's advisor - thank you for being our guide and counselor!

- Marek, Poland
Nice to hear from you. Again, I would like to thank you for all your help. The blue diamond rings have had a lot of oohs and aahs. They are definitely head turners. As our one-year Anniversary approaches I may want to talk to you again.

- David & Pam, VA
I LOVE Angara. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for sparkle online. I wear my Angara necklace all the time.

- Karen, OH
Thank you again! For you, it is not a problem to deliver gifts thousands of miles away. In my case from Los Angeles to Klaipeda (Lithuania) I think it is about 9300 kms. Of course I could buy ring here in my own city, but I think I'd make a mistake if I didn't choose Angara. Today I got box from FedEx. Ring is very beautiful. Center diamond shines bright and looks quite big. Here in our local stores I didn't see something like that, they (rings) look all the same. I like unique and quality things and that's why I chose Angara. Of course thank you for the other additional shining gifts ;) Next week I'm going to propose... :)

- Donatas, LT-KL
My experience with Angara was great. I got to work with a great jeweler and got the color stone and size I wanted. I also got the ring size I wanted that fits me perfectly. I love my ring so much! The customer service was great also and I also love how the rings are not already made, they are handmade. It came really fast also when you select overnight shipping for $20. I will definitely use Angara again.

- Beth, CT
I love love love love love my ring! !! Amazing company, gorgeous jewelry and fantastic staff and customer service. I will be recommending you to every one! !! This stunning ring is definitely a SHOW STOPPER!!! THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!!!!

- Lara, IL
I chose to have my pendant’s metal set in 14k yellow gold, but you can also choose from silver or 14k white gold. Also, you can select up to 5 gemstones. An 18″ chain is shipped for free with the pendant. My birthstone is a ruby, Joaquín’s is a garnet, and Lucas’ is alexandrite.

- Andi, NC
I must say, when the beautiful package arrived to my door, I was immediately in love with my Garnet gemstone pendant. I can’t wait to wear my birthstone in such a chic style. It is the perfect size, style, and you can definitely see the quality in the cut of the piece.

-Rachel, MN
You were kind enough to help me specialize a sapphire engagement ring. I'm completely obsessed with it.

- Jessica, AZ
I was very nervous in the beginning of this purchase, when the first two rings were sent and they were nothing like the online pictures. I just want to say 'thank you' for going above and beyond with helping me finally get the right ring for my daughter and future husband.. I appreciate your fantastic customer service.

- Angel, TN
We love a deep ruby red, such as these Angara gemstone earrings, and we paired them with a red scarf to make them stand out even more.

- Emily & Abigail, NY
I am very happy with my beautiful ring. Thank you. It made me smile for sure. Thanks so much!

- Amy, NH
My Angara garnet earrings are gorgeous! They are the perfect size for everyday wear, and the fish hook design keeps them precisely in place. No more worrying about losing an earring while chasing my toddler. They have become my go to earrings for everything from grocery shopping to an elegant night out. The beautiful deep color of the garnets complement any outfit and really put on a show in the sunshine. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. You have gained a loyal Angara lover!

- Brandi, TX
I just wanted to say thanks, you guys did a phenomenal job on the blue sapphire engagement ring. I proposed this past Friday on a glacier in the Denali National Park. It was amazing, and the weather was perfect. We will definitely talking in the future! Thanks for everything!

- Matt, AK
I would suggest something in a deep holiday, wintry hue like this garnet necklace. I’m a huge fan of dainty jewelry as it can pair with almost anything. Thanks to Angara.

- Joules, IL
Fantastic Company and Products. I ordered a beautiful wedding band for my sweetheart and was delighted with the quality. It was thrilling to show my future husband the band in a beautiful box that has an LED light that shines on the ring when opened. The staff is friendly and helpful. We needed the ring resized and they took care of it quickly and efficiently. We will definitely shop with Angara for all our future jewelry needs.

- Ahasalone, NV
The whole experience was great. Consider me a repeat customer!

- Jamal, NC
It is a lovely delicate piece set in sterling silver that shines with a garnet pendant surrounded by tiny diamonds that give off a subtle sparkle. The deep red reminds me of berries!

- Amanda, PA
My ring is spectacular and everyone at our wedding YESTERDAY were gushing over it!

- Rachel, FL
Just wanted to thank you for helping make this ring "the" ring. What I wanted was the perfect ring for her and you helped me match up reality with what was rattling around in my head. She absolutely loves it! I love it, and it looks good on her too! Thanks for the help

- Chris, CA
This tanzanite pendant is truly astonishing! I have purchased four more pieces of jewelry from Angara over the past 5 months, including the matching tanzanite earrings, which are the most beautiful earrings that I own. As you can see, my daughter also has great taste in jewelry.

- Cathy, MS

Well I don’t have the most gorgeous hands in the world, but that’s because I am a RN and do all my own housecleaning. Not to mention have totally remodeled the interior of my home on my own in this past year including painting, ripping out carpet, and redoing an entire basement, garage, 2 bathroooms, and a living room pretty much all by myself.

This ring was a gift to myself as a present for all I have been through in 3 years surviving a let go from my old job, moving onto a new job, getting a divorce after a 15yr marriage came to a halt- which is now final, and dealing with my newly retired mother. Big milestones. My birthday is October 5th 1976. I have never owned a ring which was made by a jeweler. Sad to say, but even my wedding ring was from my ex husband’s deceased step grandfather. The engagement ring was selected and initially paid for by my mother in law and then paid off by myself. It was 2 sizes 2 big. Replaced then by a cheap ring from Overstock.com 10kt white gold supposedly which took on the sheen of weathered steel after a year.

So guess what! You can imagine my heartfelt inner peace putting on this absolutely gorgeous ring. Thank you so much for your personal assistance and touch with my order.

- Laura, MI
Thank you so much, I love it!

- Robin, CA
OMG !!!! I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!!! black diamonds are my favorite!!! I love you Chris Ferrand I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you !!!

- Chris, FL