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About Enhanced Blue Diamond Earrings

Natural blue diamonds are rarer than colorless diamonds and also very expensive. They have the same mineral properties and hardness as colorless diamonds. However, traces of boron found in their chemical structure give them their beautiful blue hue. The best alternative to a natural blue diamond is its enhanced blue version. These are natural colorless diamonds that undergo heat treatment and/or irradiation to achieve the same blue hue. These processes do not affect the hardness and the brilliance of the gem in any way. The fascinating allure of this jewel makes it highly popular among people across the world. And wearing it in the form of earrings is one of the best ways to flaunt its exquisiteness. At Angara, we offer you a fine selection of enhanced blue diamond earrings to choose from.

While blue diamond studs are apt for regular wear, drop earrings are great for special occasions. In addition to these, we have several other appealing styles such as halo, hoops as well as earrings in contemporary designs. Blue diamond hoop earrings, especially, are a fabulous choice for anyone who would like to make a unique style statement. Many designs also feature glittering white diamonds. This contrasting combination of colorless and blue diamonds is simply breathtaking.

This gem is available in round shape and princess - cut, and both of them exude a unique appeal. They are mounted in a classic prong setting, sophisticated bezel setting and intricate pave settings on the earrings. At Angara, you can choose the gemstone quality, total carat weight and the metal as per your preference. This will help you pick a stunning pair of blue diamond earrings that meets your style requirements as well as budget.

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