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  1. Round Tanzanite Dangle Earrings with Diamond Halo
    Round Tanzanite Dangle Earrings with Diamond Halo
    $1,029 - $3,239
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About Tanzanite Earrings


It is said that a group of Massai herdsmen were the first to discover the stunning tanzanite in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Initially mistaken for a sapphire, this gemstone was later found to be a part of the zoisite family of minerals. A captivating bluish - violet hue is what makes this jewel so striking and unique. Today it is considered the second most sought - after blue gem in the world, after sapphire. Tanzanite - studded earrings radiate a delightful and brilliant charm. No matter how you choose to wear it, this gemstone will shine gloriously. It is the perfect accessory to enhance any outfit. At Angara, you will find an extensive collection of tanzanite earrings, ranging from simple to luxurious pieces.

If you have an eye for something truly distinctive, then choose a pair that features flawlessly crafted metal frames that hold within themselves 'floating' tanzanites. A simple pair of stud earrings, in prong or bezel setting, is perfect for a corporate look but also versatile enough for a dinner date. This gorgeous gemstone is available in various designs and some even feature glistening diamond halos for a truly impeccable look. Pear, square, heart, cushion, trillion and more; it can be found in plenty of shapes! Our collection includes many interesting patterns, from infinity loops and butterfly motifs to intertwined knots. In addition to these, we have dainty dew - drop and vintage - inspired earrings to give you an elaborate look. Tanzanite is the birthstone of December; however, a pair of beautifully crafted earrings adorned with this gem is apt for any occasion. Take your pick from our gorgeous creations and get yourself a piece of jewelry that you'll treasure for years to come.