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About Opal Engagement Rings

If a vivid play - of - color is what you want the center stone of your engagement ring to exude, then opal is indeed the perfect choice. This gemstone, often compared to the galaxy, rainbow and fireworks, is gradually becoming a popular choice among women who do not wish to take the traditional options.

Historically, an opal has been associated with many interesting folklores and beliefs. While the Romans related it to fidelity, hope and purity, the early Greeks thought it could foretell the future. According to Arabs, this stone came from the heaven. East Asians also considered it sacred.

Even if you keep aside the symbolism, an opal will still continue to allure, thanks to its distinctive visual appeal. With Angara's collection of opal engagement rings, you can make the most of this splendid gem by choosing a piece that best suits your preference.

Here you'll find designs that are opulent as well as simple. If you are looking for something that radiates sheer magnificence, then an opal and diamond halo engagement ring will be a great choice. On the other hand, if you seek elegance and class then explore the solitaire options. In addition to these, you'll find many other beautiful designs to choose from.

Opals, though charming, are delicate gems. With some effort and maintenance, however, you can ensure that your opal engagement ring remains lustrous for years to come.


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