How to Buy Birthstone Jewelry

Double Prong Emerald Cut Aquamarine Cocktail Ring With Diamond AccentsBirthstone jewelry has been collected throughout recorded history for their appeal and rarity.  There are gemstones associated with the nine planets.  There are gemstones associated with astrological signs, days of the week, and anniversaries.  However, the most popular association of gemstones is the birthstone.  And here is cheap birthstone jewelry at your doorstep.
According to Biblical scriptures, the priest Aaron wore a breastplate adorned with twelve gems, chosen to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  There has been debate about which gems actually appeared in the breastplate.  This is because people did not always classify gemstones as they are done today.  The most frequent method of classifying gems was by color, leading to confusion between such gems as peridot and emerald.
The birthstones associated with each month have changed frequently.  One reason, as stated, is that identification of gemstones has been random and often based on color, and not the composition of the stone.  Also, birthstones have varied from country to country.  And as people became more interested in wearing birthstones, less expensive stones have been substituted for some of the more expensive gems.  Finally in 1912, the National Association of Jewelers assigned the standard birthstones we recognize today.  However, even in this list there were choices.  A person born in March could choose between aquamarine and bloodstone, while someone born in June had choices with pearl and moonstone.
Often enough, nowadays people are wearing birthstone jewelry not just by birth month, but either by the personal appeal they carry for an individual, or by the original ancient properties that a gem was believed to confer upon a wearer.  Then, symbolism plays a role too.  Diamond is a symbol of fidelity in love, which is why they have become the special stone for some rings.
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Author : Ankit Daga