Heirloom Emerald Jewelry Buying Tips

Emerald Encrusted Infinity Knot RingWhat are premium emeralds? How do they differ from other emeralds? The word premium comes from Latin Premium, which means "what one has got better than others". These are emeralds are of the best quality available, and are truly those gemstones that you want for their exclusivity.
Emeralds carry exclusivity, which is hard to compare even with top diamonds. They are officially known as the May birthstone, and quite popular these days, even if you are not born in May. Perhaps, it has to do with the revival of knowledge, or the loyalty, consistency and eternity they preserve. Emeralds have associations with healing powers, connecting with spirits. They increase one's positive traits, and keep thoughts pure and serene. Interestingly, emeralds have high popularity amongst royalties, celebrities and gemstone aficionados (I.e. Angelina Jolie).
When it comes to premium emeralds, these are in a different class altogether for their color, clarity, brilliance and luster. Brilliance is the refraction of light from inside a gemstone, and enhances visual appeal. Luster is the surface appearance of a gemstone and also describes overall appearance. Premium emeralds are of the highest quality in these characteristics, among all emeralds available in the industry.
Now more than ever, people are focusing on the investment potential of emeralds. Apart from their beauty, emeralds' value appreciates over a period of time. From that perspective, premium emeralds are sound investments. If you can afford, choose the best premium emerald that you can buy.

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Author : Ankit Daga