Premium Sapphires Buying Guide

Cushion Sapphire Vivid Blue 5.34 cts. 11 X 8 MM What are premium sapphires? How do they differ from other sapphires? The word ‘premium’ comes from Latin Premium, which means "what one has got better than others". These sapphires are the best of the best, considered highly exclusive and highly desirable. In fact, a premium sapphire is essentially the best sapphire you can buy, whether for your jewelry or as an investment.
When it comes to premium sapphires, classification occurs based on color, clarity, brilliance and luster. Brilliance refers to the light refraction from inside the stone, and enhances visual appeal. Luster is the surface appearance of a gemstone, which also enhances the overall gemstone appeal. Premium sapphires are of the best quality in these characteristics, among all sapphires available in the industry.
Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone (first are pure carbon diamonds). Sapphires are more well-known as the birthstone of September, but are gifted during 5th and the 45th anniversary milestones. The precious colored gemstone is said to denote loyalty, fidelity and eternity. Sapphires also have associations with romantic love and devotion. They increase one's positive traits, and help keep thoughts pure and serene. Sapphires are a growing popularity amongst celebrities and gemstone aficionados.
When evaluating a sapphire (blue or other colors), the factors to consider are color, carat weight, cut and clarity. You may have heard of the 4 C’s of diamonds. Colored gemstones have their own set of 4 C’s. Like Rubies and other primary gemstones, another important factor to consider is it’s origin, from where the gemstone has been sourced. For instance, Ceylon and Kashmir sapphires have a higher value than a Burmese sapphire when comparing apples to apples.
Gradually, the public is learning about the investment potential of sapphires. Apart from the beauty quotient in jewelry, sapphires' value has tripled in the past few years. From that perspective, premium sapphires are sound investments. If you can afford, choose the best premium sapphire that you can buy and the results surely will not disappoint.

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Author : Ankit Daga