Diamond Education Guide

Halo Diamond Split Shank Ring With Diamond Accented ShouldersIn scientific terms diamond is plain crystallized carbon but practically there is a lot it pertains to.  Each of its attribute signifies a certain expression and contributes to its value.  It's quit fascinating how this piece of mineral executes emotions that sometimes fail words, with such great ease.


Diamond is the hardest natural occurring substance graded 10 on Mohs' scale.  This makes it the most durable gemstone with an eternal life.  But this is not all to it.  When set in jewelry, durability of diamond to some is a commitment, for others it stands for longevity of a relationship and there are people that wear it as a symbolic of power.  This is probably the reason why diamonds are highly sort-after choice for engagement ring.  Nothing can be more profound than diamonds in emphasizing an eternal union.

Brilliance and luster:

Diamond's true adamantine luster comes from its excellent transparency and high refractive index of 2.418.  Its brilliance is penetrating to the extent that it triggers our senses to produce diverse feelings.  Its exceptional sheen is truly an embodiment of pride and glory.  It's the sign of one's progress and prosperity coming out in the way of enthusiasm.

Clarity and Transparency:

Purity is a rare attribute and same applies to diamonds.  In diamonds clarity and transparency imply absence or lesser quantity of inclusions.  And as it is rare to find a diamond of top clarity this attribute highly relates to its value.

Cut and symmetry:

It takes a life time for earth's core to nurture a thing like diamond.  But the toil is not over here.  A diamond is retrieved crude from earth's crust; it is the human artistry and creativity that imparts diamond with its rightful beauty.  Therefore a portion of it's worth also includes a price for artistry better known as cut and symmetry.  Cut and symmetry are not only responsible for enhancing diamonds eye appeal and luster they also make it wearable by making it fit for different jewelry mountings.  Cut and symmetry reflect balance, perfection and integrity that are valued by mankind.


As always is the case, the bigger the better.  While weight or size of diamond reflects it's prominence it is the sign of our grandness on the other.  However, right size and weight of diamond depends upon what a piece of jewelry demands.  On one hand where small round diamonds set in milgrain ring band are stunning, a chunky diamond set in solitaire pendant is a status symbol.


Diamonds are non-renewable mineral limited in deposit.  Their rarity added to their beauty is the reason they are valued so high.  This ultimately adds to the desire of possessing this ravishing gem.

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Author : Ankit Daga