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Antique Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Enhanced Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingAntique engagement rings have made a tremendous comeback in the past few years, especially after royal weddings. The popularity of old classic styles is gaining much attention. From the Gothic and Egyptian era to Victorian and Edwardian times, antique engagement rings are becoming the most thoughtful jewelry. Antique style and settings are unique, lavish and serve as an alliance between the couple.

Vintage Timeline

Our antique engagement rings can be classified into four categories. The first is the gothic era or pre-Victorian era followed by the reign of Queen Victoria. Next, we have the Edwardian era (1900-1920). Finally, we have the Art Deco era, which has French culture roots and influences.
The most famous and popular was the Victorian era. Victorian style antique rings mirrored the riches of royalty. They were influenced by treasures found worldwide, and cherished for their class and elegance. A gold band with intricate design studded colored gemstones was a typical design for this era.
During the Edwardian era, new patterns were introduced with more elaborate designs. Gold was replaced with platinum for fine incomparable settings. The Old Mine Cut stones became the center piece with accented diamonds found their way into the era. The use of platinum helped in design, but also made the gemstones more brilliant.
The Art Deco style of jewelry was introduced in the 1930s. The style was full of innovation with their geometric shapes and architectural patterns in engagement rings. Rings in this era were bold with a large center stone. The Art Deco rings showed the finest patterns. Interestingly, filigree designs were also common during this time period.
One common factor between these eras was the quality of gemstones and designs. From the quality of material to the craftsmanship, there was consistency. As time progressed, their value and significance grew. Today, the charm of antique styles has peaked once again.

Antique Styles Selection

Whether choosing a replica of the vintage style, or adding a modern touch, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing your idea engagement ring.
Deciding the settings and gemstones is the first consideration. Diamonds are the traditional choice, but they no longer are the favorite for our customers. In fact, when comparing apples to apples, sapphires, rubies and emeralds have more value and exclusivity. In addition, yellow, white and rose gold are traditionally the most common settings, but platinum has become a favorite with their tarnish and abrasion resistance.
After the center stone comes selecting your accented stones. When choosing the accents, the highest praised are colorless diamond accents as they complement the center stone. Additionally and not surprisingly, the setting design is just as important. One has to be very specific for the design as different eras have different design popularity. Only a ring older than 50 years is considered an antique ring.

History in Vogue

True vintage rings with its rich history and condition may cost thousands of dollars. With its deep history and roots, the public has become true enthusiasts of such collections. The sapphire and diamond engagement ring of Princess Catherine given by husband Prince William is an inspired example. Although, the original ring belonged to Princess Diana, the iconic history and royal association made a replica design an instant phenomenon as customers were willing to pay top dollars.
The royal roads, red carpets and ravishing runways have all noticed a sharp inclination towards the historic glamor of antique jewelry. Replicas of vintage rings, new contemporary designs of modern art are major trendsetters in engagement rings.

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Author : Ankit Daga