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Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Trillion Tanzanite Three Stone Cocktail RingIf sapphire and tanzanite gemstones have deep blue colors, aquamarines have an intense bluish green hue. Saturated and stimulating deep blue ocean colors, aquamarines are believed to increase feelings of harmony, trust and compassion. Their irresistible color and brilliant luster make them perfect for high praise and ring designs.
Aquamarine rings complement most occasions, designs and styles. For subtle elegance, the favorite round or oval solitaire aquamarine ring is perfect. Aquamarine gemstone rings look prettiest when set in white gold or platinum. If you are looking for more formality than an aquamarine solitaire ring, go for one with diamonds. Diamond accents will add the right amount of sparkle to an otherwise plain solitaire aquamarine ring.
Apart from excellent hardness properties, aquamarines are available in large sizes as well. One can say that there is no limit to how creative one can get with aquamarine rings. As far as color choice is concerned, aquamarines range from pale blue to strong sea blue colors. When it comes to aquamarines, most shades are alluring and complement different ring designs. While aquamarine solitaire ring is stunning by itself, rings paired with diamonds take stunning to a whole new level. Although, aquamarines can be refined in various cuts and forms, some of the most popular shapes found in aquamarine rings include round, oval, pear, princess-cut and emerald-cut.
Aquamarines mystical properties foster marriages with love and faith. Their vibrant colors and prominent sizes make aquamarines excellent center stones for engagement rings. On one hand, aquamarine rings with pave set diamonds are heavenly. On the other hand, these gemstone rings have become surprisingly popular among teenagers. Their soft youthful appearance blended with fashionable designs has made them highly preferred. Aquamarine goes well with tender skins and is said to bring success to girls that are within 15-18 years of age. The best part about an aquamarine ring is that they are ideal for women of all ages.

Additional Aquamarine Rings Education

These beautiful gemstones have always been associated with water, and the Sea God Neptune. Greek soldiers wore aquamarine amulets to protect themselves from the wrath of Sea Gods. A wonderful shade of crystal clear blue determines the stone's value. In fact, a deeper blue is preferred and are considered the most valued in aquamarines. However, based on preference, several enthusiasts prefer bluish green or greenish blue variations of the stone.
Our aquamarine rings are available in a variety of designs and cuts, so that we can make sure they are personalized to every taste and personality. For subtle elegance, the forever favored round or oval aquamarine ring is perfect. Further, those who have a unique ring design in mind can always contact one of our Personal Jewelers to create the aquamarine ring of their dreams at your convenience. We are available 24/7.
Amongst our consumers, a favorite is aquamarine gypsy set band. Good quality (or higher) round aquamarines are gypsy set in a white gold band to make the perfectly affordable aquamarine ring. The other top choice is the stunning emerald cut aquamarine ring with trapezoid diamonds.  Aquamarine and pink sapphire butterfly rings is another natural feminine ring. Finally, another exquisite ring is the emerald-cut aquamarine and trillion tanzanite ring with diamonds. The combination of aquamarines with tanzanites makes for two ultimate shades of blue gemstones, each highlighting and bringing out the best of one another.

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Author : Ankit Daga