Learn About Kanchanaburi Sapphire

Cushion Sapphire Medium BlueTheir color is mystical, their desire is alluring, their aura is unexplainable and their existence is divine. If emerald personifies earth's body and ruby personifies blood, sapphire has to be their soul. Ancient times believed that sapphire formed earth's core and gave the sky it’s blue color. Sapphire is believed to be the gemstone of planet Saturn. It’s bold blue color reflecting subtle milky shine portrays stern and Saturn’s pragmatic nature. While some believe their strength to define one's fate, others fail to refrain from their beauty.
Out of many sapphire varieties, Kanchanaburi sapphires are considered the best in their blue shades. While Sapphires from Ceylon are known for their brilliant transparent surface with evenly spread pastel to rich blue color, Kanchanaburies are translucent sapphires in heavy saturation of navy blue. Unlike Kashmiri and Burmese varieties, sapphires recovered from Kanchanaburi are mostly used for commercial quality jewelry pieces. Kanchanaburi sapphires are primarily noticeable by their color concentration and dim appearance.
To pinpoint geographically, Bo Ploi, a town located 35 kilometers North of Kanchanaburi, is the mining town for blue sapphires. In fact, Bo Ploi still manages to produce commercial quality sapphires of 10 carat and above. Not only because of it’s exclusivity, but also because of their large technology costs and manpower efforts make these gemstones most desired. Although Bo Ploi is known to have the world's largest production of blue sapphires, it's not that easy to recover gems from their location. In order to recover these gemstones, one has to dig 20 meters below ground to recover them.
Kanchanaburi sapphires form brilliant center pieces because of their large size. These mines have produced some of the finest blue sapphires based on carat size. A good majority of Kanchanaburi sapphires are blue in color, but it is no surprise to find gorgeous pinks discovered from these mines. Thailand provides the best heat treatment technology available for sapphire.
As blue sapphires from Kanchanaburi are mass produced, they are available in wide variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for a versatile range of jewelry. When paired with diamonds, they are truly awe-inspiring. You can wear them as bold center pieces or use them to add blue magic to exquisite jewelry pieces. Either way, you are sure to cherish their charm.

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Author : Ankit Daga