Bridal Jewelry Buying Tips

Emerald Cut and Baguette Diamond Three Stone Ring in 14k White GoldRemember, the right jewelry is as important as the wedding dress, because the dress may be worn for one night only, but the jewelry and photos last for generations.
  • The simplicity of your dress decides the type of jewelry to wear. Avoid overkill as it no longer looks natural.
  • For an heirloom effect, see if you could ask your mother or grandmother for a 'special' piece.
  • When getting ready, wearing jewelry should be the last step. They should come after your wedding dress, veil and headpiece.
  • Flaunt a dainty bracelet that goes with your earrings. This option works great when you have a strapless gown and don't want to wear a necklace.
  • Try to wear a low neckline when trying out different necklaces. Your impression will be clearer and stronger.
  • Don't forget the bridesmaids as they deserve a token of appreciation for making your day extra special.
Ivanka Trump's advice: "A bride picks a gown that she's comfortable in and reflects her style. It is just as important for her to find jewelry that complements the dress and adds some sparkle for her big day."

Color Guidelines

White Dress: Perfect with silver metal finishing or pure white pearls.
Off White Dress: Gold or silver finishing, pure white pearls and gemstone jewelry that has a strong contrast.
Ivory Dress: Ivory pearls and yellow gold finish.
Champagne or Dark Ivory Dress: Yellow gold finish, ivory pearls and champagne diamonds.
All Others: Matching gemstone jewelry with an extra sparkle.

Advance Tips

Wedding Shoes: Traditionally, your shoes should match with the gown color. Whether heels, or flip flops or sandals, ensure they are comfortable and fit well.
Handbag: Plan ahead as to what works for you best. Odd items like phone, lipstick and tissues are best stashed in a clutch or small bag that someone may carry for you.
Additional Wraps: These add a touch of elegance, especially with colder weather. Also, draped properly, they look excellent in photos.

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