Peridot Gemstone Education

Peridot is a sacred stone in Hawaii; legend has it that the goddess Pele will punish anyone who tries to take the stone away from her islands. Like the Hawaiians, the Egyptians and the Romans also cherished the green gem. Peridot is often found near volcanic sites and even in meteorites because it forms under great heat and pressure.
Choosing a stone
  • Color: Peridot ranges from spring green to an almost golden hue. The green color results from trace amounts of iron in the crystal structure.
  • Clarity: Clarity comes next to color in ranking colored stones. The clearer the peridot, the finer it is, so Angara only uses eye-clean peridot.
  • Cut: Peridot can be faceted in all cuts displayed below. Popular styles for peridot include mixed cuts and ovals. Cabochons are also popular.
  • Peridot is found all over the world
  • It was mined in the Red Sea by the Egyptians
  • Today it can be found in Burma ( now Myanmar) and Pakistan
  • The American states of Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Utah also have deposits
  • In Hawaii, there are entire beaches made up of grains of olivine, the mineral of which peridot is composed
Special occasions
  • Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August
  • Peridot is the zodiac stone for the sign Leo
  • Peridot is the suggested gift for sixteenth anniversaries
Famous Peridot
  • Peridot that originates in meteorites—called Pallasite—is extremely rare and valuable; in 2007 a Bonham’s auction asked a price close to $3 million for a Pallasite stone
Author : Ankit Daga