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Emerald Jewelry Care

Emerald Jewelry at Angara.comBelieved to be the sacred stone of Venus, emerald is an imperial gemstone. On one hand, emerald softness makes them easy for carving by extremely skilled artists; we cannot say the same about their durability. If your birthstone is emerald, or you’re simply an emerald enthusiast, you simply have to make sure you handle emeralds with more care than other gemstones. Emerald jewelry can still be worn as daily wear, but just make sure you follow some of our smart wearing habits and clean them regularly for best results. Below are some thumb rules you can use as a guide to keep this precious stone shining with high sparkle and optimal color:
First and foremost, "do not wait till it's too late." Since the day you acquire emerald jewelry, make sure you clean them at least three times a week with a soft cloth. Avoid waiting till deposits of dirt get rigid as emeralds cannot withstand chemical or ultrasonic cleaning. If you are thinking about soaking emeralds overnight in detergent water will be a solution, you just might be in for a surprise. Emeralds undergo oil treatment to fill fissures and enhance durability from the start. Detergent that works on your clothes to remove grease can dissolve the same oil fissures that enhanced your gemstone. Therefore, the best way to clean emerald is by rubbing the stone with a soapy cloth and then rinsing them lightly with water.
Another smart habit is to avoid exposing emeralds to extreme temperatures. They have poor basal surfaces, so these extreme temperatures can create cracks in your stone. Additionally, one should be careful about continuous exposure to heat sources such as sunlight. This would not only keep oil treatment intact, but also prevent your stones from discoloring. Apart from all these smart habits, emeralds should never be worn or stored in a rugged box. Use soft cloth or pouches to store emeralds and never keep them with other jewelry.
Emerald jewelry is exclusive, so we should give them the special attention they deserve. Keeping up with these smart habits will keep your emerald jewelry shining like new.

Emerald Ring Tips

Jewelry is timeless, but how long can the luscious colors, beauty and charm exist is up to you. Proper care and maintenance can retain their shimmer and attractiveness. There are certain types of jewelry that require more care than than others, and emerald rings fall into this category. If you are someone who is in love with emeralds and possess some stunning emerald rings, then here are some tips that will help you keep your favorite emerald rings eternally gorgeous:
Emeralds are one of the softer varieties of gemstones, and hence are more susceptible to abrasions and scratches. If you want to wear your emerald ring for an important event, then always put on your jewelry when you are done wearing your outfit, minimizing any chances of getting them tangled. Additionally, in most jewelry, the mounting tends to catch dirt, grime, sweat and dead cells, which accumulate over a period of time. More often than not, emerald rings are the biggest attracter, so avoid wearing them while you are doing household chores.
An occasional cleaning by soaking your emerald rings in slightly warm water with mild detergent will bring back the sparkle to these charming pieces. You can also use a soft brush to run through the ring mounting crevices, so that all dirt that has settled will be eliminated and your ring will be brought to its original form.
Storing your emeralds the right way is equally as important. Always make sure you store your emerald rings, wrapped individually in tissues or soft cloths in separate jewelry box compartments. Always avoid putting your emerald ring next to another fine jewelry, which may cause scratches. Finally, a visit to a professional jeweler once in a while also helps your favorite emerald rings get back their original luster and color.

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Author : Ankit Daga