Guide About Emerald Pendants

Round Emerald Interlinked Trillion PendantWhile earrings remain an essential part of any jewelry collection and rings remain a sentimental piece close to the heart, pendants complete a look and style for almost any occasion. Interestingly, pendants happen to be one of the earliest forms of jewelry. Pendants at the time of their inception were mostly made of stone hung around the neck by grass material.
Pendants have been popular in every ancient culture. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs wore pendants known as cartouche, which were rectangular in shape with the name of the Pharaoh engraved. It was believed that these pendants would protect against all evil. In fact, the earliest mines of the vibrant and lustrous emeralds originated in Egypt. These emeralds were loved and owned by the sensuous Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. She had a fascination and was mesmerized by emeralds. The beauty and charm of emeralds not only swept the heart of the regal Queen, but also continued to enthrall women for centuries. No matter how many changes fashion and jewelry witnessed over time, emeralds have remained consistently popular and always sought after.
Emeralds are desired in many forms of jewelry. Emerald pendants have consistently remained widely held even till today. Whether set alone or with diamonds, emerald pendants are an obvious choice of women interested in more elegance in their life. From the simplest to the most elaborate, emerald pendants never cease to impress. While round solitaire emerald pendants are consistently purchased, a more novel design that is gaining popularity are heart solitaire pendants in a unique bezel setting.
For an added sparkle, the oval emerald and diamond border pendant with a cross bale is ideal. Similarly, the trillion emerald and diamond border pendant and the round emerald pendant with a diamond encrusted bale have become trendy. Stylish and contemporary, the emerald-cut emerald pendant is a sure stunner.
Innately elegant, the emerald interlinked trillion pendants in yellow gold are sure to make heads turn for its distinctive look and craftsmanship. The beautiful piece also qualifies as a great evening accessory. Another attention seeker and a truly alluring piece of jewelry is the princess and pear emerald dangling pendant with a twinkling diamond between these lustrous gemstones.
Sentimental and forever fashionable is the range of emerald journey pendants. Whether linear, curved, round or heart emerald journey pendants, teamed with additional glittering diamonds or emeralds, these jewelry pieces not only complement any look and style, but also make incredibly romantic gifts. Forever fashionable, emerald pendants are desired by women for their exclusive gemstone hue and elegance when set in pendants.

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