About Emerald Rings

Solitaire Pear Emerald and Diamond Halo Twin Shank RingSince the time of kings and queens, rings have been one of the most basic forms of jewelry. With time, rings have undergone major transformations, changing trends and fashions with their gemstones. What started off centuries ago as plain metal bands, rings have today graduated to stunning jewelry pieces that blends fine metal with vibrant gemstones, offering a unique look that fits almost any unique personality.
Rings have always been symbolic, and every culture worldwide has contributed to their versatile evolution. The Romans and Greeks were known for their fascination towards rings. They flaunted some of the most breathtaking and innovative rings decorated with lustrous gemstones and exceptional engraving. It was mostly in the Middle Ages that rings acquired a whole new dimension with gemstone rings.
Undoubtedly, ever since their discovery of gemstone rings, their popularity has soared. One of the main reasons is their vibrant colors and exceptional designs. While gemstone rings have become a fashion trend worldwide, emerald rings have stood apart for their exceptional color and beauty. The emerald excitement may be from their rich history of kings and queens fascination. Whether the powerful Catherine the Great of Russia or the seductive Cleopatra of Egypt, enigmatic emeralds were known to be the favorite royal gemstone.
There is no doubt that emeralds make wonderful rings. The eternal beauty of the stone can be perfectly captured in rings. While a solitaire emerald ring keeps the focus on the lovely lush green hue, a more detailed emerald ring accompanied with brilliant diamonds gives life to the ring.
For a trendier look, emerald band rings or emerald eternity bands are just right. A timeless piece of jewelry, the emerald and diamond three stone ring makes a lovely gift for someone close to you. On the other hand, a cushion emerald ring like the one worn by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, gives a recipient a feeling of a star. To add sparkle to a special occasion, an emerald-cut emerald ring with diamond accents on the shank is sure to make others go green with envy. The best part about emerald rings is that they have an innate sense of style that complements several styles and wardrobes.

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