How to Choose Emerald

Emerald Cut Emerald Light GreenSymbolism: Emeralds have traditionally symbolized eternal hope, friendship, and growth and this makes them ideal for expressing deep sentiments and relationship longevity.
Celebrity Green: Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Eva Mendes are just some of the celebrities who love emerald jewelry. Green is gorgeous and the must-have jewelry color for fashion and elegance.
Exclusivity: Emeralds are rarer than diamonds. The value of an emerald is determined by place of origin. For example, Zambian emeralds are usually valued at a higher premium than a Brazilian emeralds.
Birthstone: Emeralds are May birthstones. However, because people enjoy wearing them, they are perfect gifts at Christmas, Mother's Day and any special occasion.
Color: Emerald is the most exclusive green gemstone found. The color green is associated with eternity, perennial growth and soothing energy. The most expensive emerald ring headliner was the emerald ring that Jackie Kennedy received from JFK.
Lore: Emerald was believed to be loved by Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. Precious in every way, emeralds have a rich spring-green hue that symbolizes growth and fertility.
Emeralds have become more popular than before because people now know about the mysticism associated with emeralds. Emeralds were prized for their curative properties. Emeralds are also believed to be a symbolic of devotion and eternal love. Cleopatra's romance with emeralds is arguably the most famous.

Emerald Education

The intimacy between emerald and jewelry dates back to Gallo - Roman era when this newly discovered stone was cut into natural hexagons to be a part of the Hellenistic jewelry. It was the exquisite art of Meenakari in the Mogul period that brought the best of emerald in terms of color and luster. Since then, emerald jewelry is seen as an essence of royalty.
From the time of their discovery, emeralds have been one of the most valued gemstone. Back in the days of Cleopatra, emeralds were mined by Egyptians under extreme dessert heat conditions, which brought snakes and scorpions. This may be the probable reason why possession of emerald demonstrated ultimate power and dominance.
The true beauty of emeralds is in their color. Unlike other colored gemstones, one could easily pick an emerald among various assortments. Color variations in emeralds range from pale yellow-green to greens with extreme gray saturation. Emeralds in vivid deep to medium green tone with no secondary hue narrate their own quality. It's very rare to find emeralds free from inclusions. As a result eye-clean emeralds are considered to be the most superior.
Carat size of emeralds is the next biggest value determinant (after color). The basic rock has to go through intense metamorphism in order to gain its green color. The formation of an emerald is an extensive process with large pieces being extremely rare. As a result, price can change drastically with slight variation in weight.
Modern day deposits of premium class emeralds are found in Colombia. The infrequent trapiche star pattern also come from this destination. Brazilian emeralds fall next to Colombian emeralds being slightly lighter in color. Other than these, emerald mines also exist in Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Somaliland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Although, several mining locations exist, the large eye-clean emeralds remain unheard of.

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Author : Ankit Daga