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Jewelry Settings


Great settings show off the colored gemstone (or diamond) to their jewelry potential. Some settings are more expensive than others. Here are a list of settings terminology and their description:

Pavé Setting

Round Natural Pink, Yellow and White Diamond Three Leaf Designer Pendant in Two Tone Gold in Pave Setting
Pavé setting (PAH-VEY) makes an enchanting choice for both engagement rings and wedding rings. For a unique glamorous look, a large center stone is usually complimented by smaller surrounding diamonds. Pavé is derived from the French word meaning "pavement". Pavé setting appears like a sparkling street paved with identical sized stones laid across the surface. In Pavé setting, the metal is less visible with small diamonds encrusted on the metal surface, resembling a single surface of diamonds from a short distance. To fill in the gaps between the stones and holding the stones in place, tiny metal beads in a pattern are used to further enhance the setting aesthetics.

Prong Setting

Oval Blue Sapphire and Half Moon Diamond Three Stone Ring
The prong setting is also known as a claw setting. This setting is the most commonly used gemstone setting, and remains especially popular for solitaire engagement rings.
Whether you are buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring or daily wear jewelry, prong setting showcases the stones perfectly, adding grace to your jewelry. The diamond, or other gemstones, is inserted into three or more metal prongs that form a basket-like base. Then, the ends of the prongs are bent over and shaped so that they rest against the crown, just past the stone so they are held securely. The number of prongs could vary from 3 to 4 to 6.
This setting allows more light refraction to enter the stone, accentuating brilliance and luster. Prong setting secures the stone, letting the stone take center stage. The advantage of the prong setting is that they make the gemstone appear more visible. In addition, jewelry cleaning becomes easier. V-shaped prongs offer protection for pointed edges of gemstones such as heart, pear and marquise shaped gemstones.

Bezel Setting

Bezel-Set Heart Emerald and Round Diamond Ring
Bezel setting is a vintage technique that has an elevated collar of metal wrapped around the stone. The setting provides great protection to the gemstone. It secures the edges and makes the jewelry safer to wear, even with the most pointed of all gemstones. Bezel settings are best for consumers preferring more subtle and practical jewelry.
Apart from the full bezel, partial bezel or semi-bezel is also a popular jewelry setting format. Semi-bezel gives the ring a contemporary look. Princess and emerald cut stones are the most popular choices for bezel sets. Furthermore, softer stones are perfect for bezel settings.

Channel Setting

Channel-Set Enhanced Black Diamond Eternity Band
A continuous flow of small gemstones suspended between two bars of metal in a row is called Channel setting. Channel setting is amongst the securest because they protect the gemstones extremely well from chipping girdles.

Cluster Setting

Cluster-Set Round White Moissanite Flower Ring
As the name suggests, cluster setting allows for a cluster of multiple gemstones studded together. However, this type of setting is more commonly used for colored gemstones rather than diamonds. Often used in nature inspired designs such as flowers and butterflies, they give the appearance of a single large gemstone from a short distance.

Tension Setting

Tension-Set Round Diamond Men's Wedding Band
This is one of the more modern settings. The metal is spread apart, and the gemstones slide into the grooves on the inside of the metal. A special pressure is created which holds the gemstone securely in place, and appears as if the stones are floating in air. Tension settings are more appropriate for gemstones that are harder on Moh’s scale (I.e. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies).

Gypsy Setting

Zypsy-Set Round Diamond Half Eternity Band
Also known as flush setting, this setting is popular for its style. In this variation, a window is cut into the base and the gemstone is secured underneath. The crown of the stone reaches over the base, causing a more subtle light reflection.

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Author : Ankit Daga