Guide To Choose a Beautiful Ruby Pendant

Heart Ruby and Diamond Twisted Bale PendantPendants are the earliest piece of jewelry discovered. Initially, pendant designs were mere stones strung around neck through a crude leather or grass string. At this point of time, they were worn because of their meaning and significance rather than their ornamental design. The discovery of precious metals and their ability to be casted in jewelry gave pendants a whole new meaning. Then, the novel design of beautiful colored gemstone pendants came to life. Gemstone pendants added a whole new depth of color, complementing everything around them and how we see them today.
When we talk about colored gemstones, there is a spectrum range of colors, each with its own meaning, praise, significance and eternal beauty. As one of the most precious gemstones, ruby is highly desirable when in pendants. Ruby pendants are not only chosen by enthusiasts loving the red brilliant color, but also captivate those who are about to see them in their peripheral vision. Gemstones have the power to be subtle, yet give the owner a bold look of appearance.
It's fascinating how ruby blends graciously with various contrasting styles and precious metals of pendants. For example, a solitaire round ruby pendant in white gold is so casual, yet so modern and trendy. On the contrary, the same pendant made in yellow gold gives more of a sophisticated traditional look. Ruby studded pedants in nature inspired designs such as flowers, petals and butterflies also fall in the category of trendy and relaxed daily designs. Finally, elaborate ruby designs paired with diamonds will add great spark to party wear.
The quality and price of ruby mainly depends on its color. "Pigeon blood red" is considered to be the best color in rubies. The design and style pendant can impact our perception of the ruby’s hue. For example, some pendants designed in yellow gold with rubies that are darker in tone and slightly opaque in nature still look beautiful. Similarly, rubies in lighter tones of red with good transparency complement the glitter of white gold. The intense red ruby accented with diamonds creates a mesmerizing shine and an ultimate combination in pendants.
Ruby centered necklaces and cross pendants are also very popular because of the gemstone’s deep red color. Additionally, rubies are part of the corundum family. The combination of color and durability makes the results impressive even for daily wear. These attributes of ruby pendants also make them lovely as a gift option. Other than being the birthstone of July, ruby pendants are perfect for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

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