How To Buy The Perfect Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue Sapphire Gorgeous EarringsLadies, if you are particular about your appearance, then you cannot deny the importance of earrings enhancing your looks. From simple studs to elaborate designs, earrings have become a part of our everyday wear. Earrings can add an instant sparkly glow to your complexion. They are probably the most noticeable piece of jewelry shown on your face. You may be surprised to hear that earrings were not initially manufactured to improve appearance, but rather to restrain evil spirits from entering one's body. Today, earrings are well-known to improve one’s natural beauty and confidence.
They were first introduced as plain rings of copper, iron, gold and silver. Discovery of gemstones added colorful varieties and detailing that one could not help, but admire. Although, sapphire comes in variety of colors, blue sapphire is the most popular and praised. Words cannot simply describe the element and elegance that sapphire earrings add.
Sapphire's desired blue create the most royal and beautiful earrings. Its rich color adds great depth to one's face irrespective of the skin tone. While gemstone earrings would look great on anyone, factors such as face shapes, occasions and styles can make a difference, so we are happy to provide recommendations to you. For example, studs gel on round and square cut faces, danglers and hoops complement long oval faces.
There are several stylish settings and gemstone designs available today. Studs are the most basic type of earrings. Gemstone in earrings are typically placed through a prong or a bezel setting (prong setting is the most common). Sapphire studs are commonly found in oval, round or princess cut shapes, which are known to display the most color and brilliance. After studs, comfort hoops are next best option. Sapphire accents in a flush setting add hints of color and spark to plain hoops. Elaborate hoops designs mostly comprise of sapphire in a channel or a bar setting. To add further definition and sapphires may be paired with diamonds, or other colored stones, to design gracious hoops.
As far as danglers and drop earrings are concerned, there is no design limit creativity and versatility. It can start from jewelry representing natural objects like butterfly and flowers to more extravagant sapphire set in geometrical shapes. Sophisticated designs of earrings come paired with matching necklaces and pendants often used as a special event wear.
Apart from eye appeal, being practical is also an important aspect when buying earrings. They should be light in weight and comfortable to wear. Heavy earrings not only lead to sore earlobes, but can even widen the piercing if worn regularly. Additionally, make sure that your earrings have a clean cut finishing. Faulty prongs and sharp edges are extremely annoying when they tangle in your hair or accessories.

Top 10 Buying Blue Sapphire Earrings Tips

Buying blue sapphire earrings online can be a fun shopping experience, but for first timers, there may be some confusion. In order to minimize confusion, here are a few tips to make your shopping experience more pleasant, enjoyable and reassuring:
1- Decide when you want to wear your sapphire jewelry. For example, is these pair of earrings for that special night out or are you planning to wear your sapphire ring daily?
2- Have a rough budget range in mind. Are you only considering affordable lab created blue sapphires, possibly natural elegant jewelry sets or something in between these two great options? Sapphires are available in a wide range, and very few online retailers actually educate you on the true value behind blue sapphires, and what you’ll receive. Consider this as a second step when buying blue sapphire jewelry.
3- Unique sapphire jewelry or self-designed sapphire jewelry. Immediately, browse through trendy and traditional designs of blue sapphire jewelry at your convenience, 24/7. If by chance, one of our 7,000 designs does not catch your eye, try your hand at customizing blue sapphire jewelry. Being a direct source, creating your very own customized jewelry is more affordable than you may think, and more personal.
4- Sterling silver is another option to make your blue sapphire earrings truly affordable. When customizing your earrings, go for silver metal type, and you could choose a better quality sapphire for the difference. If silver is not your first preference, we have White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.
5- Blue sapphire earrings. Realize that in earrings the varieties of styles are endless. From hoops to studs, danglers to chandeliers, solitaire sapphires to sapphires with diamonds, the list goes on and on. Narrow down your options by studying your face type and browse through recommended earrings. A trusted online retailer usually provides buying guide for earrings on site.
6- Know all about blue sapphires. If you are a serious buyer, educate yourself on aspects of blue sapphire and how costs play a role in your gemstones.
7- Origin of Sapphires. The place of origin plays a pivotal role in determining the value of a sapphire. Traditionally, the best known sapphire source is Ceylon. Other sources of quality sapphires, include, but are not limited to, Burma, Madagascar and Thailand.
8- Return Policy. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your jewelry or the unexpected occurs, know how and when to return your jewelry. Check the Return Policy of the online retailer before you add your items to the cart.
9- Sapphire Treatments. Don't be misled into believing that treatments are a new industry standards phenomenon. Texts dating back to 12 Century A.D. report gemstone treatments. Without treatment, we may not be able to easily recognize sapphires from rubies as they come from the same family, Corundum. Understand that there are natural heat treatments, and harmful and suspicious treatments that are red flags.
10 - Go through product details carefully before you checkout. Everything you need to know is (or should be) listed on the site. Avoid making costly mistakes or decisions in a rush. If you are uncertain, ask for a live representative to guide you.

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