Sapphire Stone Quality

Diamond Halo Blue Sapphire RingAngara understands how important is choosing the right sapphire jewelry. As a direct source, we’ll meet your expectations and budget range, but also provide the best value. We have a full Team dedicated to personalizing your jewelry, including stone quality, metal types and other valuable options. For example, we provide four different sapphire quality grades to choose from based on your preference. Here are their descriptions, so that you can make an educated decision:

Good Quality Sapphire

Good Quality Sapphire GemstoneChoose "GOOD" quality if you like midnight blue sapphires, dark and rich in color that is mysterious and opaque. These are 100% natural and offer a great value. You can compare these to what you find in chain jewelry stores across the country, offered at a much lower price!

Better Quality Sapphire

Good Quality Sapphire GemstoneChoose "BETTER" quality if you like deep blue sapphires with a lighter hue. These rich, velvety sapphires are a great mix of color and brilliance. You can compare these to leading independent jewelry stores and boutiques, but at a fraction of their prices! Better quality is our bestselling option for pendants, necklaces and earrings..

Best Quality Sapphire

Best Quality Sapphire GemstoneChoose "BEST" quality if you like bright, true-blue sapphires that are full of life and sparkle. These beautiful vivid blue sapphires are a treat for your eyes, and are compared to the top 10% of sapphires worldwide. This quality of sapphire is to be cherished for a lifetime of love. You can find this quality at many of the high-end boutiques on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive, but at 1/10th their price! This is our bestselling option for engagement and anniversary rings.

Heirloom Quality Sapphire

Heirloom Quality Sapphire GemstoneIf you are looking for extraordinary and exclusive, choose our "HEIRLOOM" quality sapphires. These sapphires have color and brilliance that’ll leave you speechless. Coming from top origins such as Ceylon and Sri Lanka, they represent the top 0.1% of sapphires, and are usually reserved for royalty and museums worldwide. Boundless beauty and exceptionally rare - "HEIRLOOM" sapphire jewelry is to be cherished for generations, a masterpiece to tell your family story to generations to come. Each "HEIRLOOM" piece is set in the highest quality of hand craftsmanship.
Sapphires, like most gemstones, undergo natural treatments to permanently enhance their natural color and strength. For more information about these universally accepted industry treatment standards, see the American Gem Trade Association treatment guide here. All sapphires come with an official Certificate of Authenticity.
We are proud to offer all quality levels for our just-in-time and personalized jewelry. If you have any questions, chat with a Personal Jeweler by clicking here, or call us toll free at 1-888-9ANGARA (1-888-926-4272) right now! We look forward to hearing from you!

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