Sapphire Ring Design Guide

Three Stone Blue Sapphire Ring With Diamond Accents You are ready to buy a sapphire ring, but are unsure as to which is the right one. You may be unsure about what color gemstones, the metal type and are having trouble envisioning the ring on your finger. Needless to say, you want a ring that not only flatters, but also creates a statement of your personality.
If the intention is to wear the ring on a daily basis, it is important not to choose a 'soft' gemstone that could chip easily. Sapphires, rubies and diamonds are the top three gemstones in hardness and durability on Moh’s scale. However, you do not have to limit yourself to just three colors. For example, other than the most popular blue sapphire, sapphires also come in hues of pink, yellow, orange, purple and the rare padapradscha.
Choices of metal are the next consideration. The main determinants of metal type are personal preference, frequency of wear and affordability. For example, if you are planning to wear your ring daily and can afford the upgrade, go with the most durable metal, platinum. If you are looking for a metal slightly less expensive, then gold is the way to go (White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold). Silver, of course, is the right option for sensitive skins and sensitive budgets, but they are subject to tarnish and you have to be very cautious where you will wear your jewelry.
Are you a career woman with her own purchasing power and have your own sense of style? Is this ring going to be a fashion statement, or possibly a status symbol of your success and independence? Do you want to take advantage of the mystical powers of your ring, wearing the jewelry at all times?
Whatever the reason or occasion, Angara has the designs, styles and settings you need. For example, sapphire ring designs alone include three stone, five stone, sapphire and diamond rings, cushion shaped solitaire, square solitaire, oval solitaire, round solitaire and so forth. Our extensive collection will allow you to choose based on your preference and personalization.

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