About Sapphire Rings

Round Sapphire and Diamond WOW Engagement Ring in Two Tone MetalSapphires are known for their large gemstone exclusivity, premium pricing and superior value. Some of the most famous sapphires have sold for more than top quality diamonds of similar sizes. In between these premium sapphires and the most affordable sapphires, a whole range exists. So what makes one sapphire more affordable (or more expensive) than another?
Color is the primary determinant in a sapphire’s value. A medium blue saturated sapphire is considered the best, in demand and desirable. When sapphires are too dark or too light, prices can fluctuate dramatically. Finding the ideal sapphire(s) that fulfill your needs and desires is the key.
Clarity is the next most important factor. Inclusions in sapphires are like blemishes in diamonds. Most sapphires have some time of inclusion, but it may not be obvious to the naked eye. The visibility and type of inclusions effect the overall value of the sapphire. The general public may not notice inclusions immediately, but when magnified, their perception and value can change significantly. A moderately included sapphire will cost less than a slightly included one. You could go for a heavily included sapphire, but the potential color, clarity and brilliance that would normally leave us awe-inspired will be lost.
Then, we have cut. Certain cuts in sapphires can lower (or increase) the price noticeably. For example, round shape sapphires provide the most potential for color, clarity and brilliance because of their faceted cuts and openness. The ideal gemstone is a diamond-cut sapphire. Although, oval, princess-cut, squares, trillion and others have great potential, they cannot compare to rounds when comparing apples to apples. This may be one of the reasons why kings preferred round solitaires when confessing their love, passion and commitment.
Carat is the fourth most important, but not to be forgotten. Remember, the moment you cross the magical 1 carat size mark, prices can begin to go up exponentially if color, cut and brilliance remain constant. Larger sapphires will always demand greater value than two small sapphires of same weight. Primary reasons include availability and exclusivity.
What is place of origin and why is it important? Sapphires are found in a number of mines across the world, but the most renowned sapphires come from Ceylon. Burma, Madagascar and Thailand do produce large quantities of sapphires, but the best quality in larger samples is found in Ceylon.

Sapphire Rings Care

Once you have purchased your ideal sapphire, now what? Let’s focus our attention to ongoing care and maintenance of sapphires. The only gemstone that is higher on the Mohs' scale than sapphire is a diamond (pure carbon). This makes sapphires one of the hardest durable gemstones, which makes them ideal for daily wear. When cleaning sapphires, apply warm detergent water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. If you prefer to use a brush, make sure they have soft bristles. These cleaning techniques will keep your sapphire sparkling like new, and get rid of any natural oil, fingerprints or dust particles. Occasionally, cleaning your sapphire jewelry with a professional jeweler is recommended, but that comes more into play for high quality expensive sapphires. Ultrasonic cleaning of sapphires should be only done by a professional, and only after consulting your jeweler.

Sapphire Rings

Rings have been in existence for centuries. Mainly considered as a symbol of love, commitment and/or ornament, rings have continued to impress royalties, celebrities, aficionados and others. Regardless of the gender, rings have continued to remain extremely popular pieces of jewelry for both men and women. The emergence and popularity of rings dates back to the medieval period. Every class in society flaunted a ring, but only the richest supported the most elaborate ones. A clear indication of individual or family status, the rings worn ranged in metals, including iron, copper, silver and gold. The renaissance of rings came about in the 14th century, when gemstones appeared in rings, giving rings a new life filled with colors.
Gemstone rings not only look vibrant, but also complement outfits. One of the most magnificent gemstones discovered, sapphire is a fine choice of gemstone for rings and other jewelry. Sapphires gemstones come in several colors, including the most praised blue sapphire, pretty pink and purple sapphire, gorgeous yellow sapphire and unique green sapphire. No matter which sapphire color or design you purchase, prepare to amaze, attract and inspire. The best part about sapphire rings is the abundant options available, fit for any occasion, whether it may be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or simply an “I Love You” celebration.
While solitaire sapphire rings are traditional and elegant, a more modern sapphire jewelry mounting will be tapered shanks, halo shanks or curved shanks that have become one of our bestsellers. Using these design settings, one can choose the shape of round, oval, princess or trillion, just to name a few.
For a more formal evening, sapphire rings with diamonds are highly recommended. While the three stone sapphires and diamond ring portrays timeless appeal, oval sapphire ring with diamonds on split shanks stands out for its exceptional design. A more contemporary pick would be a blue sapphire gypsy set band ring or its pink counterpart for those who love pink.
To make an impact for the special evening out, the oval blue sapphire with two dazzling pear-shaped diamond side stones would be the perfect choice. Princess cut sapphire ring bordered with diamonds is just as elegant. The charming blue sapphire and diamond cocktail ring win much adulation while the emerald cut sapphire ring with a diamonds border on the shank will make heads turn.
Breathtaking jewelry, sapphire rings have their own unique look and appeal. Being durable stones, sapphires are the most obvious choice in gemstone rings, especially for daily wear. The best part about sapphire rings is that they come in all types of styles and designs that complement every look. For these reasons, among others, they’ve become one of the most popular jewelries worldwide.

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