Learn About "LIFE" of Gemstones

Cushion Sapphire Medium Blue 5.2 cts. 11 X 9 MMUnfortunately, consumers get so focused on clarity and color of diamonds that they nearly neglect its cut and brilliance. As buyers, we should never forget that our alliance with gemstones began with a simple notion that they are breathtakingly beautiful and there overall appeal is what they stand for.
Gemstone standards have greatly facilitated trade by formalizing grading and quality benchmarks. These standards are applied mostly when one is judging an eye appealing gemstone. Parameters such as clarity standards, transparency and color grading are individualistic in nature, but one cannot just pick one of these factors to decide a gemstone’s entire net worth. In fact, when determining the value of gemstone, there is no fixed formula for fine, finer or finest qualities.
So the question remains, how one should rate the composite beauty of a colored gemstone? Color, no doubt remains to be the most prominent and primary factor in selecting a gemstone. Determining the color for yourself mostly depends upon your preference. If you like the chaste blue color rather than deep concentrated blue that is perfectly fine. One the other hand, if you are not sure, you can refer to color grading standards, so that you can make the best judgment.
After picking the right color, next comes evaluating the life. When it comes to clarity, instead of going too deep into clarity and transparency standards, one should look for the "LIFE" of the gemstone. Life is a general term used to describe overall brilliance and sparkle of the gemstone. There are no set standards to determine life as it’s a compounded factor, but ground rules will give us confidence to make the right decision.
Transparency: Transparency is a positive factor in deciding gemstone's life. The higher the transparency, the greater the life of the stone. Transparency plays a crucial role in ruling out life of colored gemstones.
Facets: Faceting has to do with utilizing and defining the color of a gemstone and its brilliance. Cuts that have more facets like mixed and brilliant cut have more life than those with fewer facets.
Proportions: Faceting a gemstone goes to vain if proportions are not taken care of. A poorly cut stone can effect color zoning and lead to negative effects such a window.
Polish: As we all know, polish enhances luster and thus adds more life to a gemstone. The level of polish and the amount of polishing can depend on the gemstone type.
Clarity: Inclusions interfere with reflectivity of a gemstone, effecting its light and brilliance.
Gray Masking: Gray saturation reduces life of a gemstone by destroying its color and tone.  It makes a stone look darker and duller than they really are.
Tones: Tone determines intensity of gemstone's color. If the stone’s color is denser, it would make a stone look richer and enhance the life.

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Author : Ankit Daga